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Machon Chana Hosts Vav Tishrei Webcast

Join Machon Chana online tonight at 7:00pm EST for an incredibly inspiring program of great men and women and their encounters with this great woman – Rebbetzin Chana – who has given birth and raised the Tzadik and leader of our generation!

The webcast will be live at 7:00pm at

Rabbi Shmuel Butman
Executive Director of LYO

Rebbitzen Sara Labkowski
Executive Director of Machon Chana

Rebbitzen Sara Katzman
Administrator of Machon Chana

Rabbi Michoel Seligson
Instructor at Machon Chana

Rabbi Levi Kaplan
Mashpia at Machon Chana

Rebbitzen Henya Laine
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Rebbitzen Riva Junik
Antwerp, Belgium


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