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Friends of Dvorahle Create Fund for Her Family

“Where is Mommy? “Asks 4 year old Shusha, a spark of glimmer in her eyes. “You said she is coming home today.”

“She is not coming home today”

“But you said the same thing yesterday”

Three months of total chaos where our tefillos shook the heavens, rivers of tears did not cease to flow.

The treatments were not having their longed-for effect, the doctors lifted their hands up in despair, but in our hearts burned hope.

On Wednesday evening Mrs. Devorah Faiga Eidelman returned her pure Neshama to her creator at the young age of 48.

She left 9 broken orphans, the youngest a tender 4 year old.

For three months they prayed for a miracle it is now up to us to alleviate their burden.

The small children anticipating their mother’s return home, the Yeshiva bochurim who were not even granted the time to part from their mother, the older girls anxiously awaiting a shidduch.

Your generous assistance can lift the dark clouds a little bit. Please make a contribution to a fund created to assist the family by clicking here

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  • 1. 32y wrote:

    my friend made a very interesting suggestion. She said that she will find something which she would have spent money on, and do something less expensive and the money she saved, she will give to tzedaka….whenever she finds a way to do it.
    I will try to do the same.
    there are ways to find more money, we must do this for our Anash in need.


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