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Have You Seen This Man?

An 87-year-old man with Alzheimer’s who traveled from Israel to New York for Gimmal Tammuz has disappeared on his way from the airport. His family is seeking the public’s assistance in locating him.

Mr. Shlomo Lavron arrived at a NYC area airport on Sunday, June 25, with the intention of making his way either to Crown Heights or the Ohel, a family member told

He shared a cab with another man from the airport to 72nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan, after which he got off and entered the subway. He hasn’t been seen since.

Mr. Lavron is suffering from Alzheimer’s and frequently loses his recognition of his surroundings. He is also unable to hear without the aid of hearing devices.

Anyone with information as to his whereabouts is urged to call 347-489-9793.


    • 3. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

      Right on! I’m thinking the same thing. A person with Alzheimer’s does not travel anywhere by themselves let alone make a major international trip.

    • 4. HELLO???? wrote:

      My first reaction too. Unbelievable, and I will stop my comment now.

  • 5. In 770 wrote:

    I think I might have seen him in 770 yesterday at about 8:00. He had an argument with mendlebaum if it’s the same person.

    I tried calling the number, but no one picked up and the voicemail box is full.

  • 6. Crazy! Irresponsible wrote:

    Who in the world would let a man with Alzheimer’s travel alone? No less internationally?

  • 8. Don't get it wrote:

    Why is someone with Alzheimer’s and who “frequently loses his recognition of his surroundings” traveling alone?

  • 10. Disheartening wrote:

    Is that all you have to say?
    Why was he travelling alone? Seriously??

    Someones relative is missing and that is what you have to say? SAD!

  • 16. nice wrote:

    he was found in spite of all the comments..
    when there is a tzara why go straogjt to the blame game??
    first fix the problem and then when it’s over do what is necessary to avoid a recurrence.


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