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Grand Opening – Crown Heights Mikvah – Free ’till Shabbos

Grand opening of The Mikvah L’ilui Nishmas (in Memory of) Reb Meier Ben Reb Eliyahu Z”L at 394 Kingston Ave [between Crown and Montgomery St].

No charge L’Kovod Yud Shvat!
From Monday 10th of Shvat until Shabbos 16th of Shvat.

Mikvah hours: 5:00am – 11:00am

Towels, soap, and shampoo will be provided.

Beginning Sunday the 17th of Shvat (Feb. 4th) prices will be:

$3.00 one time use.
$5.00 Erev Shabbos.
$45.00 Monthly Membership.
$30.00 Monthly Membership (Bochurim 17 years old and younger).

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 3. Sholom C. wrote:

    why does a bochur over 17 have to pay regular fees? the reason why bochrim in genral pay less is becasue they dont have a source of income, so what changes when they turn 17? $45 a month is alot of money. x12 = $540 a year!!! where does a bochur get this money???

  • 4. Hatomim Eliyahu Hakoihen Markowitz wrote:

    as much as i wud like to use this mikveh, i will not be using it, right now im 16 but gonna turn 17 in few months. the price for bot hages is way to much.

    i thought ill go to his mikveh but now i see ill just have to stay with union. i wonder who this mikveh was made for? for the balei baim that dont go to mikveh? or the bochrim who go evry day? guess its for balei batim…..

    ad mosai!

  • 7. Mendel G wrote:

    Congratulations to the sponsors for this beautiful project and commendable act. However, I think that this business enterprise might go bankrupt very fast, as the price is way too high for the buchrim in the community, unless it is reserved exclusively for the non-mikvah going balabatim, who might pay for this luxury they hardly use.

    In other communities, Mikvahs don’t charge so much to begin with, and yes they do have beautiful Mikvas with 2 or 3 boiros and different temperatures as well as soap/shampoo and towel inclusive and they charge only $1 for yeshiva buchrim.

    Perhaps they should have cards distributed by the Yeshivas so that the buchrim who can’t afford can attend a nice clean Mikva for a lesser fee, just an idea.

  • 8. To those that are complaining wrote:

    Isn’t a $30 dollar card = to a dollar a use – especially if you are going every day of the month? You guys seem to have money to eat in Bunch O Bagels.

  • 9. chaim wrote:

    Maybe tha “baalie batim who don’t go to the mikva” reffered to above, will become baalie batim who would go to the mikva now that there is a nice place that will be clean.

    I am sure that the money will all be invested to keep the place nice and clean as well as to keep down the population for just the mefunokim.

    I believe that the intention was to get more people to go not to give those who go a better experiance.

  • 10. to sholom wrote:

    i know that bochurim dont have a lot of money but dont make it worse then it is
    12 x 17 is only $204.00
    just a few slices of pizza away

    p.s. i think it is about time that there are nice clean fresh mikveh in c.h. and if you pay good money for it you will feel the responsibility to keep it clean
    yes there are a few exceptions but that will be every place

  • 11. Mikvah wrote:

    Please take off all the nasty comments (like the comment of Hatomim Eliyahu Hakoihen Markowitz) think if you sponsored this mikvah & people wrote disgusting things about it, how would you feel, this website must put a limit to these comments.

  • 12. CH Baal Habos wrote:

    This Mikvah is buid for CH, yes for the Balei Batim of CH and not for the bochorim. This is a luxury mikvah and if you don’t have the extra $45 then keep on going to the same Mikveh you went until now. There are plenty of mikves for the bochorim, yust wait a few weeks and you will have your own Mikveh in 749.
    Thank you Rabkin family for a job well done. Don’t lower your standarts.
    May Hashem grant you the greatest blessings for such a great project.

  • 13. Very nice -- Tomim wrote:

    i was there today its amazing BUT the sensors are just to “hi tech” for me!
    kol hakovod to everyone that was involved keep it up….. someone has to care about CH.

  • 14. knows how to count wrote:

    someone turning 17 soon, will be 17 for a WHOLE YEAR still!!!!!!!!!!

    for less than a $1:00 someone will be paying you to go.

  • 15. To To those that are complaining wrote:

    well we must say that those who eat @ Bunch O Bagels (and pizza…) dont go to the mikvah!!!…… (NOT to say that the ppl that eat @ the “bagel shop” do!)

  • 16. Yanki wrote:

    Very nice mikvah, very impressed. The price makes full sense, and as someone commented, it will get more non-goers to go. Hatzlocha! – Just one suggestion – if they can program the sensors to wait a little longer, it’s impossible to hold your hand by the sensor the whole time! Same applies to the dispensers. Otherwise, great mikvah!

  • 18. Shnuel Y wrote:

    Who really cares, what is so great about going to a clean mikvah, in the old days you would go to the local lake, break open the ice and go. it did not cost money it was nice to go. now we have to spend our money on going to a mikvah. I will tell you that the most important thing to do is save your money. if you dont pay 45 a month X 12 after 10 years you will have 5400. if you invest it in the new microsot it will then be 5,400,000 which will give 540,000 to help build mikvahs around the world in your name (it cost only 24,000 to get them to put your name on the mikvah. (mei Menachem). so instaed of going to the Mikvah why not put away the money and with your money there will be many mikvahs built for no one to go to since everyone will be putting away their money to build mikvahs.

  • 19. Arik wrote:

    Kol Hakavod to the Rabkin family for their benevolent acts of Chesed, especially in the construction of this beautiful modern Mikvah. It’s about time that such beautiful edifice enhance our community. In other shchunas they have nice Mikvas, final in the Rebbe’s neihborhood there is a befitting Mikvah too. May Hashem grant you much Hatzlocha in all.

  • 22. Yoiel wrote:

    golders green wrote

    indeed a state of art mikvah recognised internationaly. avail yourselves for a blueprint prototype enabling us here in europe to duplicate this project. kudos to all askanim


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