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Minhogim, Gimmel Tamuz Info and Schedules

Minogei Yom Hilulah, Davening times in the Rebbes House, Ohel bus schedual, and the central Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen times are all posted in the Extended Article for the benefit of our readers.

Click here for the Rebbe’s letter of Minhogim to be observed on a Yortziat

Ohel buses will be constantly running all day, a bus will be leaving from in front of 770 every few minutes, as well as from the Ohel. The busses will operate like a train with a bus coming in as a bus leaves. The buses are free and people are encouraged to use them instead of cars.

The “Pan Kloli” will be read at 12:00pm on Tuesday at the Ohel.

The Rebbes House will be open for Davening tonight; Maariv 9:15pm, and tomorrow; Shacharis 9:30am, and Mincha 3:15pm.

Mikvah Meir on Kingston & Montgomery will have extended hours, Monday morning (Beis Tammuz) until Tuesday 8pm (Gimmel Tammuz).

The Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen will take place Tuesday night at Bais Rivkah Campus Chomesh and at 770.



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