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Alert: Kapotes May Need Tzitzis

Veteran Kapoteh maker Yisroel Shemtov put out a notice to Kapoteh wearers that theirs may need tzitzis, noting that traditional Kapotehs have four corners on the lower back.

The remedy is to simply cut and round off one of the corners, as is illustrated in the flyer below, and not fold and sewn the corner, and with all the new custom Kapoteh makers who don’t have much experience this can become an issue, he said.


  • 1. Mitzvah man wrote:

    So simply just add tzitzis to the kappotas and get an extra mitzvah. My kappota with tzitzis – It sure is an attention grabber!

  • 2. Shlomo wrote:

    If I PUT Tzitzis on my Kapateh, do I need too also wear a pair under my shirt? Just kidding. You have the finest Kapateh’s Reb Yisrael !!! From Your ol’ friend, Shlomo

  • 3. lubavitcher wrote:

    How was the Rebbe’s Kapoto made? If the Rebbe’s was made with four courners it is for sure is fine.

  • 4. competition is great for the consumer wrote:

    is this the way r’ yisorel is saying he is noting that there is now competition in the hood?

  • 5. concerned wrote:

    I bought my kapote from a young guy trying to make a name for himself. I just checked with my Rov and Reb yisroel is right, I needed tzitzis! Hashem Yishmor, I’m going to fix it right away! Does anyone know what type of tikkun one should do if they wore a four cornered garment without tzitzis?

  • 7. The Tikun wrote:

    the tikun shell be to have a kapote with tzitzis for 18 years
    if Ben Tzion Hagozer can have kapote with tzitzis so can everyone.

  • 8. Kapoteh wearer wrote:

    The Rebbe’s Kapoteh had a rounded corner. I had my wedding Kapoteh made by Mr. Hans, the Rebbe’s Kapoteh tailor. (He is no longer making Kapotehs). Mr. Hans made all his Kapotehs with a properly rounded corner.

  • 9. Interested wrote:

    This is not news. I would like to know who makes kapotas without cutting but just folding? When I got married all the Kapotas available were done with cutting the corner and not folding.

  • 10. People, dont be an am ho-oretz. wrote:

    This is a famous halacha every kid learns in hilchos tzitzis. R’ Yisroel isnt telling you to buy by him, he is giving the tools not over on a Lo saasay. Get yours fixed, and thank him.

  • 11. what-s wrong with doing a mitzva? wrote:

    Uhm, why not put tzitzit on the kapota?

  • 12. Thank you - Great Mitzvah!!! wrote:

    For all those who think this is about competition – that is wrong. Rabbi Yisroel Shemtov is a true chossid and cares about Halachos very much!
    It got me to think and check my Kapotah – and I was pleased to realize that my Kapotah is good!!! I bought it from Tzemach Menswear who is also a Yiras Shamayim person – you will always see him standing with a sefer and acting so nicely to all his customers. May Hashem bless everyone with their deserved parnassa!

  • 14. Chaim wrote:

    Reb Yisroel I thought your mitzvah was to get people to say kriyas shmah on time in the morning.

    A friend

  • 15. Someone who knows.... wrote:

    shemtov folds the corners, hartstein cuts & sews.
    it’s your choice!

  • 16. mendel wrote:

    ever tho i do not wear a kapoteh, as i read thrue this sif i saw that when i take a nap by day(that i do every day) my blanket is considered 4kanfos and would be chayav in tzitzis. thanks for shedding some light on this and making others see the light, thank you to R Yisrael Shemtov for bringing up the subject and for for putting it on the web

  • 17. DIDI wrote:

    BTW often i have seen guys wear a mexican PONCHO ,and as it has 4 corners you are required tzitzis .

  • 18. what-s the fuss? wrote:

    This was one of the things I was told before i went to get my first kapote round 1 of the back corners. How has this even become a quetion?


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