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Lipa Schmeltzer, Chaim Fogelman and Agent Emes

What do they have in common? All three are part of Bais Rivkah’s amazing benefit raffle!

You can have the most amazing, memorable, exciting wedding with Lipa Schmeltzer to entertain your guests! Or, your kids can win a Dream Birthday Party with an appearance by the hilarious children’s favorite Chaim Fogelman or the wildly popular Agent Emes! Your kids will be forever grateful for the most exciting party ever!!!!

Other fabulous prizes include a State of the Art Notebook Computer, a FREEDA custom sheitel, a sleigh crib and linen set, a digital camera, a Valco Baby Stroller, and more.
You don’t want to miss this raffle!

To order tickets email:, or call 718.735-0400 ex. 1131.
For your convenience you can drop off your order form and payment at Hamafitz – 361 Kingston Ave.
Raffle Drawing to be held on Thursday, June 22 – Don’t miss it!

All proceeds from this raffle benefit Bais Rivkah PTA.


  • 1. a student wrote:

    Go Bais rivkah the best in school in the universe.


  • 2. Mendy wrote:

    I think all three should appear at one concert. That’ll get attention!

  • 3. att to a student worte wrote:

    hey dont go overboard!! its not exactly the best school around and you know it.

  • 4. go bais rivka!!! wrote:

    actually bais rivka is the best school around! just b/c you don’t go to this school and get the wonderful feeling to be in this great school doesn’t mean that you can say that bais rivka is not the best school! i don’t mean to ruin Amendment #1 – freedom of speech!!

  • 5. Itzik_s wrote:

    How about just having Lipa perform for the gantz Beis Rivka (from behind a mechitza)? :) :) :) :)

  • 6. Bais Rivkah Graduate wrote:

    Go Bais Rivkah! the best school in the universe, bais Rivkah Really needs your help, please buy your tickets today – you can use your maaser money, (the drawing was pushed off about week – so you have about week more to give all your support, you do not have to wait until the last minute you can buy today!)


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