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PSA: Shluchim Looking for Bochurim? Bochurim Looking for Shluchim?

For Shluchim looking for bochurim to help with peulos or other types of Shlichus, and bochurim looking to help a shliach over Purim, Pesach or all the year round- look no further – your answer is which is part of the online placement service offered by the Shluchim Office, run out of their Brooklyn office.

It couldn’t be easier: the Shliach posts the job he is offering indicating the details of the job and what he is looking for in a bochur. The online service then presents the Shliach with a list of bochurim who match his criteria. The Shliach can then contact the Bochur/im directly to work out details. It works the same way for a bochur, once he posts his profile online he can see a list of Shluchim looking for Bochurim and contact a shliach if he is interested in helping him out.

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  • 1. Bochur-Turned-Shliach wrote:

    That’s great! Thank you to whoever arranged this- is the wonderful and very talented Aharon Fehler responsible for this accomplishment as well??


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