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Press Conference Today 1PM at the JCM

Last night, State Senator Eric Adams called a last-minute press conference for TODAY AT 1:00 P.M. in front of the Jewish Children’s Museum, 792 Eastern Parkway, to DENOUNCE the vicious recent attacks on our community by violent young criminals. DON’T BE CYNICAL—SHOW UP!

The media will also be there. Let them see a crowd too!

We all say, “Why don’t the politicians do anything?” Well, Sen. Adams won’t do anything, if we show him we don’t care by not showing up at his press conference.

Please! Let’s turn out in numbers! Show we care about crime. Let Sen. Adams see that we support his initiative. TAKE A FEW MINUTES OUT OF YOUR DAY—AND BE THERE at 1:00 p.m.


  • 1. worried in Crown Heights wrote:

    And on MLK day too… I guess he want our votes

    I hope a lotta peopl show up, let the cops see and finally get moveing. WE gotta keep the pressure up.

  • 2. Citizien wrote:

    If anyone from the CHJCC is there, ask them why they are there if everything is so good, like they told the press.

  • 3. Shmuel Parshin wrote:

    Everybody call your friends and tell them to come, we have to show we care!

    We have to speak to the media who will be there and tell them about the crime!!

    There is our chance! The spotlight it on us, we have to take advantage, or nothing will happen!

    Hope to see you all there!!

  • 5. CH resident wrote:

    this may be a final community service Izzy Rosenfeld will do for us – his levaya coincides, it will bring out a bit of a crowd

  • 6. simple one wrote:

    i was there an there was a very low turn out from our comunity. At least the major tv and radio reps were there.
    Well done Shmulie B.

  • 7. ch-er wrote:

    if these attacks would c”v happen in one of the other chassidishe neighborhoods, the right people would be bombarded with hundreds of thousands of phone call, emails, and letters. we need to do this as well.

  • 8. working crowd wrote:

    the timing was bad. 1 pm is smack in middle of the day and most people are at work.

  • 9. sh wrote:

    Simple one – the turnout must of been low because the announcement was only made a short while before the actual conference not giving anyone time to find out and change plans


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