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Precinct Council Meeting – LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN!

As many residents know, the last 71st Precinct Council Meeting did not go very well. There will be another meeting this 7:30 PM Thursday night, (Yud shevat, Jan 17th) we urge all members of the community to come again to the meeting to express our security concerns.

Following last months meeting (before the precints own follow-up meeting—to do some damage control—with selected members of the community) The Jewish Leadership Council sent the attached letter to Inspector Vega and various other officials within the NYPD.

If you have questions or would like some more info. please feel free to email us at

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  • 1. Sam wrote:

    I think its VERY important that we ALL go there! I hope officer Vega gets straight to the point!
    I don’t think we ask for much. I feel we can work hand in hand if all ears are open and things are really being done to help crown heights’ers. Last time I can home so hungry, I will try and take a quick bite before I go this time. Sam

  • 2. Mirium wrote:

    Now with Yud Shvat here, and Chaf Beis Shavt around the corner, it behooves us to
    have a little mentchlichkeit before, during and after The meeting. Because while we will be sitting in this community meeting that by the way has been going on for at least twenty years, the Police Department has and is watching and working to keep safe Our community; especially these times when there are guests from all over the world.
    This might sound simple but a wise mentor of mine, said you get more with honey than vinegar.
    Lets express appreciation and our concerns keeping in mind to make a Kiddush Hashem and Has V’ Shalom, not otherwise.
    Another note is that the meeting is a community meeting for all Crown Heights residents, and ALL Crown Heights residents are affected by crime. Just outside our Dalet Amos, there is the Real crime, i.e., shootings and homicides, sometines every week.Everything is relative. Keep in mind also,Crown Heights is made of a number of nationalities.and everyone attending this community meeting wants the best for the entire community.


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