Picture of the Day: Kinus Down Under

Chabad Shluchim from across Australia gathered in Melbourne for a regional Kinus. They posed for a group portrait in front of Chabad in Melbourne Headquarters, a replica of 770.

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  • 2. 770 Melbourne wrote:

    This replica of Lubavitch World Headquarters in Bklyn was built & sponsored by the wealthy donor Reb Yossel Gutnick, May Hashem grant him lots of Success, Wealth & Abundance. Reb Yossel you will always be the Rebbe’s Wealthy donor !!

  • 3. To comment #2 wrote:

    Yes, I agree, May HKB”H (HaKadosh Baruch Hu) Grant Reb Yossel Gutnick even more wealth than he had before 500 x more, with lots of material & spiritual Wealth, May he have Billions & Billions of $$$$


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