Picture of the Day: Animated Chasidic Discussion

Noted Professor Dr. Tali Loewenthal of University College-London was spotted discussing concepts in Chassidus with a Yeshiva Bochur at a wedding in London.


  • 1. Golden Oldie wrote:

    For the sake of clarity, how do we know they are discussing Chasidut. ? By the smile on the Dr.T.’s face more likely enjoying a joke….

    • 2. Joke? wrote:

      Either you don’t know Dr. Tali or you can’t imagine a Chosid deriving pleasure from a brilliant observation in Chasidus.

      Dr. Tali simply enjoys a good conversation in topics of Chasidus.

      And in general every Jew should enjoy a good piece of Torah as the Gemara says “Tzahavu Panav” (his face lit up) when he heard a great piece of Torah.

  • 3. Shmuli z wrote:

    That’s aharon m.!
    Just to clarify
    I was by the wedding, I know they were discussing “man” & “ban” which is tali’s field…

  • 4. Observer wrote:

    Ah! This is lubavitch! This is what we need to see more of! Kudos to the Bochur and thank you crownheights.info for sharing

  • 6. David wrote:

    Aharon Mishulovin! A true example of a chossid! It’s nice to see your still going on your great ways!


  • 7. Zrico wrote:

    AM great picture truly having a quality conversation with a mastermind of this generation. Go London Zal! Al Haeish!

  • 8. Jimmy wrote:

    Very nice!!

    How was the wedding? Who’s wedding was it? They had good food?

    And more important: why is there a napkin on top of rabbi L’s cup??


  • 10. Triple zrico!! wrote:

    Good on ye Aaron, mate. Still kicking!! Best Bochur in London!!

  • 11. mendy j wrote:

    I was at the wedding, and they were definitely discussing chasidus. Good to see the light of torah shining from the 3 to 5 and go houato!

  • 12. Reb Gedalia wrote:

    I poshut gain nachas in the knowledge that perhaps chabad does have a chassidish future.
    I’m sure this is what inspires people when they read the news, thank you for sharing and may we all grow in our spiritual life!

  • 13. A chosid wrote:

    Just Chasidim having a discussion. We jews talk emphasizing with our hands. A chosid no matter what he discusses, it is chasidus!

  • 14. The humble one wrote:

    Best barber in lubavitch!!

    Even the maggid would get a haircut with mr. Mish!!



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