Picture of the Day: A Shliach’s Birthday Surprise

Yesterday, Sunday, Rabbi Yehuda Vorst, Shliach to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, turned 45. His wife arranged a beautiful birthday surprise for him: when he entered Shul that morning, he was greeted by a room filled with men – all wearing Tefilin.


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  • 1. dl h wrote:

    How special! Imagine how fine a shliach he is, that his congregants know how much that would mean to him. Yasher Koach and happy birthday!

  • 3. sis in law wrote:

    agreed, dl that is amazing what you did, wish i could have been part of it
    mazal tov
    only good news
    see you next time i visit holland :)

  • 5. ymg wrote:

    Nice. Please understand that the location of the head tefillin must be centered above the hairline, and arm tefillin inside, towards the heart.


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