ULY Holds Grand Sukkah Expo

The Talmidim of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva presented a grand Sukkah Expo showcasing the talent and creativity of the Talmidim from grades 1 through 8. The Talmidim put their creative minds to work as they built brilliant models of Sukkos and other Chassidishe themes related to Sukkos.

From delicious edible Sukkos, to remote control Sukkah Mobiles, to wooden Sukkos with electrical lighting, to Sukkah models that teach a Halacha about Sukkos, to a Sukkah made entirely from money, the intricate details of each masterpiece stood as a testimony to the Talmidim’s effort and creativity as well as their mastery of Hilchos Sukkos and the Darkei Hachassidus surrounding Sukkos.

Every class had a chance to explore the grand Sukkah Expo and to purchase a Lulav and Esrog set for Mivtzoim use, subsidized by Tzivos Hashem.


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