BCM Holds “Bubbies Got Talent” Event

On a beautiful sunny Sunday in Los Angeles, girls from Bais Chaya Mushka, along with their mothers and bubbies, enjoyed an afternoon in a sunflower garden.

The Bubby Club of Bais Chaya Mushka holds events throughout the year, each with a unique theme, to strengthen the bond between the students and their grandparents. In the beginning of the year, they hosted the Zaidys to learn and connect through interactive activities. The highlight of the year is the Generation Sensation Garden Party, in which all bubbies and mommies were invited. The theme of this year’s garden party was “Bubbie’s Got Talent.” Miss Simi Raichik and Mrs. Mushky Yiftach chose this theme to emphasize that Hashem gave each person unique talents, which she can use to brighten the world and make a dirah bitachtonim.

Every class performed a different song focusing on the theme, “Talent.” The songs were creatively written, for the event, by songwriter, Zeldie Cunin. The Bubbies and their granddaughters also performed various talents on stage for a high-spirited audience. They wowed the crowd with their singing, dancing, miming, painting, playing of musical instruments, and they even had a bubby doing a split alongside her granddaughter! The energy in the room was palpable as one bubby got the girls to stand up from their seats and join her in dancing. The students were thrilled to be treated to a show of their teachers’ talents! Two teachers dressed up as young students and reenacted a Day in Bais Chaya Mushka.

The gathering of bubbies, mothers, and daughters, was an incredible experience for each girl in the school. Many guests said they were wondering how Bais Chaya Mushka would top off last year’s garden party, which was themed, “Women throughout the Ages.” Yet, the creative and dedicated staff did not disappoint, and in fact, surpassed all previous years’ expectations. There was a beautiful atmosphere of respect and admiration for all of the guests. The girls were proud to host their grandmothers in their school and show their appreciation for all they continuously do to help them.

As Menucha Belkin, a BCM mother said, “The event on Sunday was an inspiring reminder that THIS is what we’re gaining by choosing to send our daughters to Bais Chaya Mushka. The warmth and connectivity was clear as we joined together in a room full of families that feel like our own. We felt part of a community that celebrates and cherishes each and every child for what she excells in. As we watched the girls perform with joy and pride—in themselves and in one another—you could literally see the feelings of belonging and confidence, shining from their sweet little faces. What a gift to give this young generation of girls! What a way to empower the future, with pride and love!”

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  • 1. BH for Technology! wrote:

    We Bubbies on the East Coast appreciate being able to “share” the nachas. Thank you for posting photos of your fun-filled event.

    Hi: Morah Chanie Levin and her delicious Chayale, MY precious einikel!

    With Love and Pride!

    Bubby Penina Metal


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