Over 2,000 Beis Rivka Girls Pose for Group Photo

All the divisions of Crown Heightses largest girls school – Beis Rivka, gathered in the parking lot of their Crown Street location to pose for a group photo, the first of its kind to feature all the students in one photo.

The photo was arranged and taken by Chaim Perl.

Crown Heights Shomrim provided security for the hundreds of girls that walked from the Lefferts location to Crown Street.

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  • 2. Norene Pfeffer wrote:

    What a wonderful idea! Such nachas for everyone, k”a”h! Kayn yirbu!

  • 6. Benji stock wrote:

    Nothing can be done without you… keep strong youll pull through this… powerman

  • 7. Bais Rivkah Parent wrote:

    i was hoping that the board can change the policy of having a seminary girl, dealing with parents regrading tuition.

    it is very uncomfortable to speak with a child about personal marrige and financhial maters.

    this is something difficult to do in the first place, discussing with an 18 year old even more so.

    thank you for posting


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