Photos: 1000’s Partake in 30th March of the Living

For the 30th time, thousands participated in The March of The Living remembering the millions that were exterminated during the holocaust, on holocaust remembrance day.

Attending this years march was the Polish president Andrzej Duda alongside Israeli president Ruvi Rivlin. Also attending were brass from Israeli Defense Forces as well as Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, himself a survivor of the holocaust.

Local Shluchim Rabbis Gurari and Stambler made arrangement to receive the many visitors as well as provided for the religious needs.

Photos by Meir Elfasi


  • 1. oye Aibishter wrote:

    ess iz shoin tzeit
    please send Moshiach!!!!

    look at your kinderlach!!
    donning tfillin ..young and old!!!

    we’ve been waiting and begging and
    we are not made of the same stuff our fathers and grandparents were made of … so this is GOOD!!
    actually it’s GREAT!!
    and GREAT deserves Moshiach!!!

  • 2. An inspiration for all wrote:

    Anyone, who was in those horrific camps and other such torture “institiutions,” – yet, remained or returned to Frumkeit is fascinating. These are true Tzadikim! To through something like that, yet remain in Emunas Hashem.
    This is a big riddle: Many world events have occured throughout history where you would think – Aha, this is it! Moshiach is coming. This event surpasses them all by far. Yet, we are still in golus.
    I don’t know the answer. But, nevertheless, we still have to make the effort to make this a better world so Moshiach will come now.


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