Photos: Thousands of Temimim Attend Annual Kinus

Thousands of Bochurim gathered for the 14th Annual Kinus Hatmimim Haolami, featuring addresses from Rabbi Yosef Klyne, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Gurevitch & Rabbi Mendel Schapiro.

The Kinus is the annual gathering of Lubavitch bochurim learning in Chabad Yeshivos worldwide, which takes place in Crown Heights.

In a significant change of venue, the thousands of Bochurim packed into the ballroom at Oholei Torah to hear an addresses a number of Mashpiim.

Following the formal part of the program Bochurim sat down for individual farbrengens which lasted deep into the night.

Throughout the weekend the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim arranged a host of programs to provide the residents of Crown Heights and the many guests a meaningful and inspiring experience as well as programming for the hundreds that elected to spend Shabbos at the Ohel.


  • 1. Grateful We left wrote:

    As I see the pictures of these intelligent inspiring young bochurim, I can’t help but wonder what they will be doing in 10 years. Have we prepared them for a future that may or may not inc!ude Shlichus? Trust in Hashem with utmost faith and support their families. Deal with rising costs of raising a frum family? Finding a yeshiva that hires teachers that
    know how to motivate and educate. Keep y
    their minds and bodies safe from predators
    and the temptations of our society. As I look as these beautiful holy faces, I ask Hashem to guide these young men which include grandsons to make the right decisions.

    • 2. Dude? wrote:

      You speak as though you are an outsider peering into the isolated world of Yeshiva bachurim. Yet, as your title indicates, you did go through the system.
      You also imply that you are successful, (and therefore you hope that the bachurim will be successful in spite of their inadequate education.h
      Now I conclude that you have a giant ego. Do you really think that you were the only one who graduated Yeshiva and was smart enough not only to achieve success, but furthermore, to pity bachurim for their lack of education which – according – can eventually harm them? Why aren’t you looking at yourself and construe the precise opposite: Just as you achieved success without the formal education, so can any bachur.
      Instead you criticize the system and imply your own genius.
      I’m saddened that this website gave you a platform to project your own insecurities.
      (The same applies to YAFFED)

  • 3. Grateful We left wrote:

    As usual a judgemental Lubav.. As a matter of fact I didn’t go through the system. I became frum 50 years ago and raised many frum children, grandchildren and greats. I didn’t go to college but my husband did. Nights while holding a full time job. We worked hard all our lives with no handouts from government of family. I see many young people dropping out and using drugs. I have heard with my own ears, young men who felt the system let them down. Young couples struggling and paying crazy rent waiting for Shlichus or a job with no skills. I never mentioned college. The ignorance is yours. You have guessed about me and guessed wrong. You are one of the reasons I left.


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