Photos: Camp Chomeish Hosts Reunion

Bright smiles, cheers, hugs and happy laughter filled the room at the Grand Camp Chomeish Reunion. Excited campers and staff from around the tri state area, convened this past Sunday in Crown Heights ready for some camp fun.

The Head Counselors of 5777 – Shaindy Reinetz, Sarale Hendel and Goldy Simpson, prepared a wonderful program that had everyone rolling in laughter, reminiscing, and joining together in song. Camp songs played continuously.

All-time favorite Ruchnius Directors lead the camp in pesukim, performing the daily sefer hamitzvos skit, Rabbi Stock surprised everyone and addressed the crowd, and more.

The highlight of the reunion was a special raffle for those girls who consistenly kept the hachlatos they made at the end-of-camp banquet. The hachlatos the girls took upon themselves were truly inspiring.

The winner was presented with a dollar that Rabbi Stock recieved from the Rebbe’s holy hand, framed for safekeeping.

The lucky winner was Chana Soble who traveled in from Monsey!

Every camper and staff member left with a reunion souvenir and a big Camp Chomeish smile on their face!

Registration for Summer 5778 is in full swing, for more information click here.


  • 2. grateful father! wrote:

    amazing summer experience for my daughter.
    fun,frum,chassidish and great staff!

    sending more of my girls this year.
    thank you Rabbi Stock and all staff.
    every penny was worth it!


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