Braving the Cold, Anash Attend Hakomas Hamatzaiva

On a sunny, frigid morning in January, a small group of people gathered in a Minnesota cemetery. Windchills plunging past 25 below zero did not deter them, for theirs was a time-honored and sacred task.

They gathered for the traditional Hakomas Hamatzeiva – the unveiling of the tombstone of Rebbetzin Mindelle Feller OBM, who, together with her husband of 56 years, Rabbi Moshe Feller, may he live and be well, served faithfully as the emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory, to the state of Minnesota.

Many of her life’s accomplishments are etched into the red granite stone; the founding of Gan Yisroel Day Camp, Beis Chana Women’s International, Lubavitch Cheder Day School, and N’shei Chabad. Also mentioned is her tireless devotion to the mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha, family purity, a fundamental tenet of the Jewish Faith.

The inscription was read, chapters of Tehillim – Psalms recited, Kaddish was recited by her sons, and the assembled returned to the warmth of their homes, uplifted by the memory of a wonderful woman.

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  • 1. we lost an important part of "us" wrote:

    She was an amazing shlucha!
    alongside her amazing husband (he should be well)

    They truly gave the Rebbe much much nachus!
    She will be missed… we pray that any second
    we will all be reunited!!


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