Photo Gallery: The Rebbe Being Mesader Kidushin

In honor of entering the 90th year since the Rebbe’s wedding, we present a gallery of vintage photos of the Rebbe being Mesader Kidushin at Chuppahs, which he regularly did until 1960. The gallery was made available by Rebbe Drive.


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    Is it possible to have any of the names of the people pictured above, who the Rebbe was Mesader Kiddushin for?
    It would be so amazing to know

  • 2. Would love to know wrote:

    Is it possible to know any of the people that the Rebbe was Mesader Kiddushin for?
    It was be fascinating to know

  • 5. pix wrote:

    The chassanim in the pix (not in any particular order), are Rabbis:

    Yoel Kahan

    Berel Alenik,

    Shmuel Fogelman

    Binyomin Althaus,

    SB Goldshmid,

    Dovid Raskin

    SB Alperowitz

    Faivish Rimler

    Dr. Seligson

    Kehos Weiss

    Moshe Goldman

    Sholom M Simpson

    Ciment (Boston)

  • 6. DLH wrote:

    There is beautiful sefer called Mekadeish Yisroel that has all the couples, pictures, and info.
    The fourth picture on here is of Rabbi Berel and Rendel Alenick.

  • 7. Lipa Brennan wrote:

    In picture #9 you can see my shver R’ Mordechai Tzvi ( Mottel) Simon holding the pole & in picture # 28 standing just to the left of the Rebbe
    זאת זיין געזונט ורפואה קרובה
    Lipa Brennan

  • 8. bubby wrote:

    theres a sefer called Mekadesh yisroel, whcih has all the pictures, and the names of the chosson and kallah and family and guests.

  • 10. Yankel wrote:

    Can someone please explain whats pshat that in those days the kallas vail was seethrough?
    Especially in front of the rebbe, how was that acceptable?
    If we did that today, wed be kicked out of lubavitch!

    • 11. Milhouse wrote:

      It’s very simple: at that time there were other, much more important battles to fight. At that time it was a struggle to persuade women to cover their hair, and men to grow beards. The Rebbe made both of these conditions for his participation. The thickness of the veil, even if for the sake of argument we assume it to be important, was not on the agenda.

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