Photos: The Shluchim’s Pan Kloli

One of the highs of the Kinus Hashluchim is when the Pan Kloli [general pan] is read at the Ohel. On Friday, all of the Shluchim attending the Kinus signed the Pan Kloli, requesting improvement in world economy, strength to increase the number of Chabad Houses worldwide, spare us from tragedy and to take us out of Golus and bring Moshiach.

Photos by Yechezkel Itkin


  • 1. Left off e most critical thing wrote:

    Can believe the economy made it into the pan, but the critical situation with our youth and young adults going off the derech did not???
    These young people are or future and the shluchim must address this issue, before they find themselves asking these kids, “excuse me, are you Jewish”

    • 2. Mistake wrote:

      This issue was definitely mentioned in the Pan, I heard them read it and this was in there spelled out very clearly


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