Photos: YSP Breaks Out in Color War!

Last Tuesday evening, all Talmidim of Yeshiva Summer Program in Morristown, NJ, were invited to prepare a surprise birthday party to their dear Tanya Baal Peh Director, Levi Misholovin. What no-one expected was to be surprised with a Color War breakout!

Wednesday, the first day of Color War, saw some serious sports competitions, such as ‘spin around the bat’, ‘throw the ball through the legs’, ‘jumping in a sack’, ‘wheelbarrow races’, ‘baseball bases running’, and basketball shootouts!

Then after a full day of Tanya Baal Peh, races, competitions and preparations, the Talmidim of both teams – Atzmo and Zulas – put everything they had into two amazing plays, each one based on the team’s theme.

Photos by Avi Eskinazi for


  • 1. Tomim wrote:

    Interesting. Bh the boys are having a great time, but it would be nice to see pictures of the davening and learning too. Isn’t THAT the ikar and all the programs are just tofeil?


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