Hundreds Attend Central Gimmel Tammuz Farbrengen

Over 1000 Anash and Bochurim packed into Beis Rivkah’s Rosa Hall in Campus Chomesh for a Farbrengen in honor of Gimmel Tammuz.


  • 1. Misnagid wrote:

    ahavas Yisroel begins at home I’m a misnagid we have a Mesorah that there was another campaign that the rebbe was going to reveal to the world it’s called Chavak (hug) every chassid should go hug (and kiss neshek)a misnagid sincerely,moshiach now!

  • 2. Crown Heighter wrote:

    Too bad such a wonderful event could not be held in the occupied hijacked 770. How long must we suffer without our Bais Chayeinu? After Gimmel Tammuz we lost our Bais Rabbeinu Sh’B’Bovel!

    • 3. Mendel Kohen wrote:

      I agree.

      It is a shanda that we, yes we, allow 770 to be taken over by hooligans.

      Such a program should have been in 770 – if not for the danger of getting benches and seforim thrown at the participants.

    • 4. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

      The 2nd Beit Hamikdash was destroyed because of (sinat chinam) unwarranted hatred.

      Ahavas Yisrael will bring the future Redemption. The reason for the exile is baseless hatred, & ahavas Yisrael — love for no reason — love even for those in whom one sees no reason to love, — will bring Mashiach.

  • 5. Mordechai Shimon wrote:

    Is it possible to post the whole Farbrengen as a video for those who weren’t able to watch it live or who wana see it again, like on YouTube Please, I really wana hear what Rabbi Schochet had to say, he is so so very very inspiring, he really gets the audience going & catches everyone’s attention, if not the the whole video at least Rabbi Schochet addressing the crowd, thank u

  • 7. Binyamin Reuven wrote:

    Please please is it possible to post the Farbrengen on Ch info through a YouTube video, I really wana listen to Rabbi Shochet’s talk, he is truly the greatest & most inspiring, he really gets the message out very clearly & precise, thank u

  • 8. Avraham Yosef wrote:

    Please please whatever you could do to post last night’s Farbrengen with Rabbi Shochet would be greatly greatly appreciated, his words bring out what the Rebbe really want from us & how to bring Moshiach / Geula, whatever u could do like #5 said if you could post it on Ch info through YouTube, that would be the best thing, the world needs to hear Rabbi Schochet’s message which really is the Rebbe’s message to the world what we need to do to end this Galus & bring Melech HaMoshiach Now, so please whatever you could do would really be great, thank u


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