ULY 8th Grade Celebrates Graduation

Proud parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents gathered together at the United Lubavitcher Yeshiva hall for the Chagigas Hasiyum of the Yeshiva’s 8th Grade.

The event was emceed by the Yeshiva Menahel, Rabbi Y. Simpson. Assistant principal, Rabbi Wilschansky and the 8th grade Rebbis, Rabbi Kramer and Rabbi Broh addressed the crowd with Divrei Torah along with warm wishes and inspiration to the graduating Talmidim.

Parent, Rabbi Shimon Hecht addressed the Talmidim and their parents with encouraging words as he repeated the words of Chizuk said by his father, Rabbi J.J. Hecht, at a graduation event decades ago.

Hatomim Menachem Mendel Bluming led the recitation of the Rebbe’s Kapitel. Hatomim Binyomin Lipchik and Hatomim Elimelech Kievmanrepresented their classmates as they so elegantly delivered a Dvar Torah to the impressed audience.

Hatomim Yisroel Mendel Simon represented all the Talmidim who completed the entire Meseches Makkos B’al Peh as he made a Siyum on the Mesechta. All the Talmidim who completed the entire Meshechta B’al Peh were awarded sets of Seforim.

Rabbi Blasberg, addressed the crowd and awarded four Talmidim for their efforts in their studies.

The Talmidim received their Yeshiva Diploma along with a Sefer as a gift. Parents and Talmidim came away feeling uplifted and inspired.

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