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Los Angeles Has Great Lag BaOmer Parade – Gallery #2

The Jewish community in Los Angeles, California held their own Great Lag BaOmer Parade on Pico Boulevard, with over 6,000 in attendance.


  • 1. Chaim Mentz THROWBACK wrote:

    Memories from the Lag B’Omer’s at Pan Pacific Park in the 80’s with Rabbi Mentz and Uncle Moishe….

  • 2. John wrote:

    No parade is complete without someone wearing a chicken costume!

  • 3. Chaim Hillel Markowitz wrote:

    A Chassidishe bachur that goes to the parade and does Mivtzoim a few hours before his own wedding

  • 4. james wrote:

    I love the chicken costumes, I spy with my little eye Shmulik Schneerson


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