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Los Angeles Has Great Lag BaOmer Parade

The Jewish community in Los Angeles, California held their own Great Lag BaOmer Parade on Pico Boulevard, with over 6,000 in attendance.

Mirroring the parade in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the parade was held in front the Bais Chaya Mushka girl’s school, complete with its 770’esq facade, floats, marchers and marching bands.

The event began with a program featuring a video of The Rebbe, the 12 pesukim recited by children, and singing with Eli Marcus.

The event also featured a BMX bike performance, a display of exotic vehicles, a performance by Uncle Moishy, and even a flyover by the Tiger Squadron. Following the parade a community fair, complete with rides and refreshments, was enjoyed by the participants.

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    Salute to R’Sholom the tzivos hashem general of the west coast!!!


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