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Paris City Hall Honors Israeli Terror Victims

Paris City Hall, usually not a place friendly to Israel, lit up with an Israeli flag in commemoration of the four IDF soldiers who were murdered by a terrorist truck driver.

A memorial service was held as well, with the attendance of Israeli Ambassador to France Alisa Binon and members of the local Jewish community.

Photos by M. Lubecki

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  • 1. 5 Minutes of Sympathy wrote:

    What does Paris’ or Berlin’s 5 minutes of sympathy help? Next day they will just go right back to sympathizing with Israel’s enemies.

    • 2. 5 minutes is an awakening. wrote:

      You have to start somewhere. Really nice that they did it. We need deblasio and Obama to do the same.

    • 3. #1 truth wrote:

      Very true, This coming Sunday the French are hosting a convention of nations, you’ll see ……

  • 5. Yudi Mandel wrote:

    Sickening. It’s their fault that this still happens in Israel. No Jews should’ve shown up there. What an embarrassment.

  • 6. To no:2 wrote:

    What would have been nice is would it have been on the Eiffel Tower like they have done for other countries on other tragic occasions. Hypocrisy at its best, no one does it better than France.

    • 7. To # 6 wrote:

      Couldn’t say it better!!!!
      Plus, if their reaction would have been as quick as Berlin, but it took the Paris Maire more than 48 hours after Berlin to do it, she had the Jewish community on her back


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