Kids with Special Needs Have Chanukah Joy and Fun

Children with special needs and their families gathered for the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn’s annual Chanukah celebration, featuring a performance by the Twins from France.

The party brought together nearly 400 men, women and children from across the spectrum of the community, all celebrating the holiday of lights – at a place where all children are able to shine!

The FC Chanukah experience was kicked off with carnival style foods, drinks and a massive ‘FC edition’ donut wall, while facepainters and balloon artists made sure that every child received what they desired. The lighting of the Menorah followed, with in house cantor Yehuda Reichman leading the crowd with the Brochos and Haneiros Halalu. Headlining this year’s event, was The Twins from France, and their thrilling show.

The Twin’s outstanding acrobatic performance entertained and dazzled both the children and adults alike. Their exciting tricks and dangerous stunts had all the boys and girls – and their parents -up on their feet, ‘oohing and ahhing’.

On their way out, each child received a personalized and wrapped Chanukah Gift, chosen specifically for them. Each child also received a crisp $1.00 bill as Chanukah Gelt.

The Friendship Circle Toy Drive was in honor of the upsherin of Yissi Spiegel and sponsored in part by “Toys for Hospitalized Children” a division of the NCFJE, Mr. Eli Weinstock and family, and dozens of individual gift donations from generous community members.

The winners of the Friendship Circle’s Raffle campaign were drawn at the event:

$10K: Daniel Sasoni

$1000: Tzfasman Jewelers: Moshe Vail

$500: CASH: Zalmy Levertov

The Friendship Circle would like to thank the sponsors of the event: Mr. and Mrs. Dovid and Malki Smetana, Mr. and Mrs. Shai and Brushie Denburg, Rabbi Yossi Langsam of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Benz’s Gourmet and countless others. Thank you for your ongoing friendship and support!

The Chanukah Celebration would not have been possible without the help of the caring and dedicated FC team; Staff and volunteers headed by Esther Rimler and Sheina Chincholker.

Sound and Lighting: Benshimon Music, Graphic Design: PGraphics, Decor: Mushki Tenenbaum. Photo: Jakub Redziniak, Video:Joey Delgado.

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