A First Pesach Seder in the Capitol of Kosovo

Lubavitcher photographer Meir Alfasi traveled with his wife and three children to Kosovo in Eastern Europe to conduct a Pesach Seder – the first of its kind – and at first, was mistaken as Middle Eastern Refugees.

The Seder took place in a luxurious hotel in the city of Pristina, which is the capitol of Kosovo. Attending the impressive event were business people, local resident and diplomats.

“When we landed in Kosovo the day before Yom Tov” Alfasi related, “they saw us in the airport along with three children and eight suitcases and thought that we were refugees. They stopped us for over an hour and asked us if we had money after seeing our suitcases full of wine and Matzos.”

After explaining they were promptly released and sent out their way.

Attending the Seder were Jewish ambassadors and diplomats from countries including, Hungary, Italy, Prague and others. “It was really emotional to see employees of the many consul’s signing along the Ma Nishtana along with their children,” said Alfasi. “The most inspiring moment was when we all sang ‘Am Yisrael Chai’ together.”

Helping in arranging this Seder was Rabbi Yoel Kaplan, the Chief Rabbi of Albanian and Shliach in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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  • 1. Merkos wrote:

    In 5769 a group of bochurim went to Kosovo, Albania a Montenegro to make Sedorim.


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