Lubavitch Yeshiva of London Marks 32nd Annual Siyum

The Lubavitch Yeshiva of London, under the auspices of Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Hertz, hosted the Thirty Second Annual Siyum Hamesechta last week on the 6th of Av.

The Siyum, marking the completion of Mesechta Shabbos, was in honor of the 20 Bochurim who stayed in yeshiva for the summer, aspiring and subsequently succeeding in mastering the entire Mesechta! Prior to the Siyum, the Bochurim were tested by Rabbi Dovid Halpern, who later was the main speaker at the Siyum, which was well attended by many prominent Rabbonim and individuals from various communities throughout London.

The evening’s guest speaker was Rabbi Dovid Halpern, Rov of the Hendon Beis medrash, and son of R’ Chuna Halpern of Radamishla, the Mara Deasra of Golders Green. First acknowledging the significant contribution that the Yeshiva has made to the entire London Jewish community, he lauded the talmidim for the depth and breadth of their knowledge which they exhibited during the farher (oral examination). Reb Dovid remarked that while testing the students he experienced ‘Oneg Shabbos’ even though it was on a weekday.

Following Divrei Bracho from the Rosh Yeshiva, the Bochurim were given their Diplomas, certified by the BAC, that they had passed all courses and done well that year. To see more about the Yeshiva, visit

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