Chidon, Tanya Ba’al Peh Awards and Auction in a Day

Grades 5-6 of Oholei Torah had a triple event day – which included a Chidon Pirkei Avos, Tanya Ba’al Peh awards and a Chinese Auction.

The grades were addressed by Rabbi Hershel Lustig, Dean, and the event was coordinated by Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, Principal.

The Chidon included 60 Ma’amorei Chazal from Pirkei Avos, which the talmidim learnt by heart. After weekly testing, the top 16 talmidim were part of the chidon. To the surprise and delight of the crowd, and after many rounds it was very hard to come up with a winner being they knew it so well. Later on in the day after many more rounds the winner was Avremi Leshes. Each one the chidon participants were awarded a set of Beurim L’Pirkei Avos. The Chidon Pirkei Avos was coordinated by Sholom Block and Yeruchum Lipszyc, of the Oholei Torah Beis Medrash, which helped throughout the year running programs for the talmidim.

The chidon participants were: Tzvi Hirsh Shusterman, Tzemi Baron, Shmuel Golomb, Mendel Okunov, Bentzi Wolowick, Berel Siverberg, Tzvi Barber, Mendel Paltiel, Avrohom Leshes, Yosef Segal, Ari Brod, Mendy Hilel, Sholom Ber Felberman, Menachem Mendel Weisfish, Menachem Mendel Hertzel and Levi Botnick.

Tanya Ba’al Peh is a foundation in chasidhshe chinuch, and this year, was no exception. After many months of learning Ba’al Peh, four talmidim – Mendel Richter, Tzemi Baron, Tzvi Barber and Yehoshua Katzma were able to say 12 prokim by heart all at once! Each one received a substantial prize.

The third event was the Chayol card chinese auction. Throughout the year talmidim earned Chayol cards for learning, Davening, Ahavas Yisreol and many other areas they excelled in. As the year comes to a close, the anticipated grand auction was held with over 125 prizes. The 3 grand prizes were an electric scooter, set of Nach and a large modal of the Mishkon.

At the end of the triple event each talmid received a copy of the Kovetz Haaros which the six grade talmidim wrote on the Gemara and other subjects that they learned this year.

Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig stressed that each talmid is a winner, for completing a year in yeshiva and all what they accomplished.

At the end of the action packed day, all the talmidim went home with an uplifted feeling of great accomplishments, and reaching high goals, of being part of these most special Projects.

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