Photos: Jerusalem Sees Heaviest Snow Since ’53

Snow began to fall in Jerusalem Thursday morning, in has been described as the heaviest December storm since 1953. The winter weather system intensified across the country since it began Tuesday night.

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  • 1. yitzchak mordechai wrote:

    Wat did they do 4 shachris @ the kotel, if its snowing u cant get ur tefilin wet, so maybe there wasnt any shachris minyanim @ all @ the kotel Wow isnt that interesting. Gr8 pics, since 53 thats 60 yrs Wow that is really Amazin !! I hope the kineret’s water level is goin up above the mark, so the issue with the water draught BEH this weather should solve that issue. Gr8 news 2 hear abt the Holy Land may the Rebbe take us there very soon !!

  • 3. sheesh, the drama wrote:

    heaviest since 1953? I doubt that. Your photos show about 1-3 inches. It snowed in Jerusalem the year I was there winter 1992-93 and we got about a foot. The city practically shut down. The Australians were fascinated, never seen the stuff in their lives.


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