Chevra Ahavas Yisroel Celebrates Three Years

Chevra Ahavas Yisroel Celebrated its 3rd anniversary last night with an ‘old fashioned’ themed dinner at The Green Building in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Since its founding three years ago, when its first Davening was held at the Mimulo storefront, Chevra Ahavas Yisroel has grown exponentially, culminating with the purchase of its own building on Albany Ave. and Lincoln Pl.

At the dinner, Rabbi Chezzy and Sima Denebaum honored four stalwarts of the Shul, whose dedicated efforts on behalf of Chevra Ahavas Yisroel were instrumental in its continued success:  Shmary and Sari Rodman, Shlomie Hecht and Zevi Kugel – each of whom received an award on behalf of the congregants.

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  • 2. dov bennish wrote:

    number 1 get a life to each his own there is a need for this kind of establishment

    • 3. Citizen Berel wrote:

      Yes, there is a need for this kind of establishment.

      And there is a need for us to point and laugh.

      This is stage, not an end point. This is not neither a chasidic nor a dignified self representation.

      And yet grade A pictures are published for the world to see.

      Don’t tell me there is no dignity. Tell me you that you find it dignified.

  • 7. what's your problem? wrote:

    Better that there is a shul where people are comfortable and feel welcomed than not belonging to a shul at all.

    • 8. Citizen Berel wrote:

      So far as I have a heard they do not violate Halacha and if so then what you say is correct. At the same time, when this dinner befitting a shul what is a shul that is better than no shul publishes look-at-me pictures to the world, on the comments need to provide perspective.

  • 9. HIPSTER wrote:

    Whoohoo so the hipsters brought a chabad house in to CH with them.

    I am so going, move over Williamsburg, Crown Heights is where you finds Hasids and Hipsters that are both Hasids and Hipsters

  • 11. Beautiful wrote:

    Looks like a wonderful place and if I was younger I would join myself. What is wrong with you people?

    • 12. handsome wrote:

      I don’t see why your age has anything to do with it. If you want to come, you should come. I promise you you will not be the oldest person.

  • 14. wow wrote:

    Crown Heights is so insecure with her religiousness, anyone who treads beneath her conceived red line is an out cast.

    with love, a Tomim.

    • 15. Citizen Berel wrote:

      No you are not an outcast. We love you and welcome you with open arms.

      And when something is comically off… we point and laugh.

      If something is beneath the red line, we declare that it is beneath the red line. No Jew is an outcast. We do not cast out Jews.

      But we judge and we discriminate.

      We perceive truth and judge accordingly.

    • 16. very nice wrote:

      there is a reason for the insecurity.
      i hope you do not think all is going good.

  • 17. My Thoughts wrote:

    Such fine,
    beautiful, young, people.
    Having such
    a ball.
    I wish that
    I were young and
    able to join
    them all.

  • 18. Member of the shul wrote:

    Looks like it was an amazing night, wish I was able to make it!!!!

  • 19. לוי יצחק wrote:

    גרויס גליק און פארגיניגען פרטייליגען אינעם געוואלדיקען שמחה, פאר א שול גבויט און געשטעלט אויף אהבת ישראל.
    ליבשאפט וואס איר אלע נארישע קאמענטערס ווייסען גארנישט פון און מסטאמע וועלין קיינמאל נישט וויסען.
    א ישר כויעח ר׳ חזי מיט דעם גאנצן טייערע קהילה קדישא, צו דיר אין שול קומט מען דאווענען און פארבענגען, האפענטליך ביז ביאת משיח צדקינו בב״א.

    • 20. Citizen Berel wrote:

      You know Mendelson spoke Yiddesh.

      I thought maybe you were the frumer of the buntch until I saw you write leshitascha that,

      און מסטאמע וועלין קיינמאל נישט וויסע

      You are posul. But mestama you’ll do teshuva.

  • 21. Yankel the lover wrote:

    What a beautiful event, wish I was there.
    To all you haters, never mind, you missed a good party.

  • 22. Mordechai wrote:

    And to you nay sayers, eat it, the rebbe never appreciated you haters.

  • 24. Not a member, but know the folks wrote:

    First of all, there was a theme for the evening which was the 1920’s, so many of the people were dressed up for that theme. Secondly, I don’t see anything inappropriate here. Remind me again – isn’t Chabad the group that values all Jews ? And lastly, the majority of people involved in this shul are sincerely yearning to deepen their relationship with HaShem. How many of us can say the same for ourselves ??

  • 25. M wrote:

    Don’t judge the wine by the bottle. the book by its cover, or these neshamos by the costume they don.

    These are holy souls, some are lost souls, a few are confused souls and there are also lofty souls, all gathered together.

    Laugh with them, cry with them. Talk to them and smile at them. Each is your fellow brother and sister. And all they want is a little love. Can you spare a little?

  • 26. Pops wrote:

    If they published these pictures and said it was a fund raiser for oholei torah or jcm, nobody would be complaining. Its all about the money.

  • 29. dovid wrote:

    Nice to see all those balei batim come to CAY chabad house.

    Just put it in that perspective, and it’s perfect.

  • 30. LOVE! wrote:

    1. Marshall your Gr8!!!!
    2. עבדו את השם בשמחה Each to their own!!
    Keep Up the LOVE!!!

  • 31. i agree wrote:

    and that’s one of the things i enjoy most about this conversatioin, its no so much as so title as to do with what everything is, but it is within our self interest to understand the topography of our lives undo ourselves, the future states that their is no time other then the sensation of the mirror of the memories in which we are living, common knowledge but important non the less as we face fear in these times and fear is all around us, we also gave anti fear its hard to imagine or measure the background radiation is simply to static to be able to be see under the normal spectral analysis but we feel as though there are times where a lot of us

    i arrived at a conclusion tomorrow is another day not just any day but is is a day it will get here theirs no question and the important thing to remember is that this simulation is a good one its believable its tactile you can reach out things are solid you can move objects from one area to another you can feel your body you can say i’d like to go to this location and you can move this mass of molecules through the air over to another location at will that’s something you live inside of everyday now the allocation and the understanding of the lack of understanding we enter into a new era of science in which we feel nothing more than so much so as to say that those within themselves comporary or noncomporary will figuratively figure into the folding of our non understanding and our partial understanding to the networks of which we all draw our source and conclusions from, so as i say before the last piece feel not as if it is a sphere we live on, rather, an infinite place which has an allusion of leading your self back to the point of origin, once we understand that all the spheres in the sky are all just large infinite planes, it will be plane to see, ha ha, this is my final piece, and just remember everything you are is more important to realize the negative space, as music is only the division of space, it is the space we are listening to divided as such which gives us the information in comparison to something other it gives us the idea what the idea whats to be transmitted wants to be..

  • 32. the crown heights box wrote:

    Its small and closed.. read above for proof.

    The Rebbe, my Rebbe is very proud.

    Your Rebbe on the other hand, one sec, do you have one?

    Your welcome to join CAY, A shul and comunity that lives upto its name.

    Just don’t talk during davening. :-)

  • 34. To King Berel wrote:

    Hey Berel

    Who appointed you as the guardian of Crown Heights? What Chutzpah!

    I do not daven there, but I have heard that the tefilos are beautiful, and that the shul is 100% kosher. It serves a desperate need in our community.

    Excuse me if it offends your warped sense of religiosity.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to offend you when all those other “chabad” dinners have attendees that don’t fit “your” mold.

    Is it because they have mixed events after davening? Guess what – so do the “pegishas”

    Or is it that you personally hate the tunes?

    Whatever it is – Get a life! (and please stop the juvenile sophistry)

  • 35. Yitzchok Halevi wrote:

    Yes, to the event, but does it warrant a picture of everyone who was there?

  • 36. Great Guys wrote:

    You are amazing. continue the great work with love and harmony.
    you guys are the FIRST Kehila in Crown heights to Buy a SHUL since Lubavitch bought 770

  • 37. Nice event wrote:

    Haters are losers.

    To all the haters out there: get a life.

    You don’t have what it takes to make something of yourself so you hate.

    Too bad for you. You are a loser.

  • 38. anonymous wrote:

    To no.10, I am an older women and I daven at the shul, on Shabbos and Yom Tov,it doesnt matter what age you are, and if it wasnt for that shul who know where alot of these young people would go on a shabbos at least they are going to shul, isn/t that what chabad is all about, thats why they have shluchim

  • 39. Grow up wrote:

    I immensely dislike when we make excuses for ourselves and say the Rebbe was not a hater. You are right the Rebbe loved every Jew. And yet the Rebbe pointed to our bad behavior and demanded us to do more and accomplish more. Facebook showed some terribly inappropriate pictures. No it is not ok to not be tznius, no it is not ok to act in an untzniustike manner, no it is not ok to be a Rabbi of a shul and look like a Hot Mess thinking you are artistic. If you want to carry the name of Chabad then as a public Shul at least take a stand in the right way. Don’t make these things acceptable bc they are not.
    If you would like to have a party then I can’t stop you but don’t boast it’s ok bc in Chabad we don’t hate. In Chabad people had medinas newest to keep their beards, to keep kosher (cholov yisroel) following basic Halacha is ok.
    We accept all of you at CAY and try to love every hid but don’t say this is ok. Having fun is ok. Going against Halacha is not. I was not at the event nor would I ever go to a shul which promotes values I don’t agree with. I am not a hater I just wish everyone would grow up and take responsibility for their bad behavior.
    I cry and pray for moshiach!!

  • 40. Admiring Australian but... wrote:

    I do think there should be a mechitzah at all events. It’s fun to make events with lights and music and themes etc and go out of the box, however a mechitzah is a MUST especially when there is alcohol and music involved and the atmosphere of a party.

    It looks like so much effort has been put in, but a mechitzah would have highlighted the difference between modern-orthodox and lubavitch style events.

    may CAY go from strength to strength!

  • 43. There is a boss wrote:

    I commend CAY on thier achievements to date, and wish that they continue to frow in the ways of our dear Rebbe and move further away from the ways of Shlomo Carlebach..

  • 44. YMSP wrote:

    No need to comment other than I hope this serves as a strong wake up call for all the lack of standards that are less blatant. I’m talking about over affiliation/pandering to modern orthodoxy, lack of value of marriage/gittin on demand, daas akum even among those who should know better, giving value to a rav mitam “rabbanut.” and of course movies, etc. and modern orthodox newspapers. Here’s a small part of what that leads to. Don’t expect Braun or Schwei to criticize though.

  • 45. Fresser Rebbe wrote:


    I would rathet Daven, Learn and Farb at this joint (no pon intended) then at 770 where they set up a table and first class M’shu’goyim’ walk by and take Dollars, and by the way, yes the Video of it is all over the World Wide Web, at this Shul people gather and Daven, do they say the prayers with a toon that is not the same as the one you daven in, well, there is room for all kinds.

    However the Chilul Hashem the Chutzpa and the vildkait of a few Tzfatim that keep on bringing new crazy ideas into 770, no one will say anything, because not many people have the guts to fight this level of filth and Garbage, so do a M’shugane thing enough times and the not normal becomes the norm, some times one could walk into the Rebbes Shul, the place that the Rebbe used for so many years to concore the world, the Heavenly Farbrengens, the Hakofos etc. etc. and now it looks like it is controlled by the crazy amongst the crazys, so then at the end of the day, most of the youth can’t and would not be a part of this, so they are looking and searching, i think that CAY is Gants Gut.

    A Yasher Koyach is to be extended to the Rav and the Rebbitzin

    • 46. zev wrote:

      thats not the only thing happening in 770. There are hundreds of Timimim learning diligently…… you choose to focus what you wish…

  • 47. torahli wrote:

    ok, theres alot to say here.
    it is true that the Rebbe loved them all. But if he was here, would they go to him looking like hipsters?
    Hipsters are not awful, and we should look up to date, but looking pretentious is just not for us.
    Some of the dressing is just not only pretentious, it is just not even classy.
    Also remember that people are living in Crown Heights BECAUSE of the Rebbe, and it is very hard to have teenagers these days….and raise them l’Torah, l’Chupah u le maasim tovim, and this influence does make it a challenge, no? I want warm, loving, accepting kids, but I do want a level of chasidishkeit which is very hard to attain these days. Why does everyone have to be so in your face lately. ? Im thinking of all the Rabbeim now…..mention all of them out loud and see how you feel

  • 48. anonymous wrote:

    The people that talk negative about Cay have never been to the shul, they just found something to talk about if it wasnt cay they would be gossiping about something else, Not everyone that lives in Crown Heights is Labavitch, and have you ever looked at some of the women how they dress in Crown Heights there skirts are way above the knee, and their teichels are half off there heads. so please stop judging.

  • 49. Chabad House Attitude wrote:

    Funny, as i read all of the negative comments above, i think of all the chabad houses and how successful they are and their events are very similar, lets be open and honest there are many individuals in CH who appear or dont appear religious that don’t even put on teffilan, eat treif etc ,Crown Heights needs to accept and develop a ” Chabad House” attitude towards these individuals and cater to them on their level just as Chabad Houses around the world do, i have immense respect for what i see in the above photos, have never been to this shul or met the Rabbi, I do understand and appreciate the service he is providing, while i realize this is not for everyone nor should it be, there is a segment in Crown Heights that really benefit from his Chabad House mentality

  • 50. Sarah wrote:

    To al those who say at least these people are going to shul, maybe that’s the problem. As long as they keep thinking that they are doing the right thing, going to shul on shabbos, they can never grow better. The point of going to shul is to strengthen our nechama, not to have a good time or have the best parties. If someone opens a shul that still adheres to Halacha, and to the young crowd, we can be sure that the level of chassidishkeit in crown heights will grow, not lessen like it has

  • 52. meir & miriam rhodes- bat ayin wrote:

    what a wonderful shul. we’re proud to be honoray members. much love.!

  • 53. Not Lubavitch wrote:

    Somewhat hilarious that people take issue with CAY, a shul that I have davened in and LOVED, but allow the absolutely CRAZY meschichist-avoda zara garbage to continue on a daily basis. If I lived in CH, if I was Chabad, I would be tearing those stupid banners down in 770 and throwing those yellow flag wavers out.

    To those above who said the Rebbe isn’t proud of CAY, do you think he is proud of what your community has allowed to happen to itself? There are much bigger problems that are largely ignored than a group like this.

    • 54. So True wrote:

      Its easy to pick on CAY but you have pointed out the real issue … It is sad to see the level of meschichist crazyness in CH…. It is ruining chabad :(


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