YOEC Mesivta Learn Gemara By Heart

This past Sunday in addition to the monthly father son learning program arranged by the Shluchim of Yeshivas Ohr Elchonon Chabad Mesivteh in Los Angeles, there was a special award ceremony in which the twenty five Bochurim who completed a Mesechta by heart received a prize.

Needless to say all the fathers enjoyed watching as the Bochurim collected their reward, for their tireless work throughout the year.

The program started off with the standard father and son learning, even fathers that were not present still participated by learning with their sons over the phone.

The program however was shorter than usual, and after some brief words from the Rosh Mesivteh, Rabbi Farkash, Bochurim were called forward to make Siyumim on three Mesechtas.

Meseches Brochos – Mendy Thaler, Meseches Megilla – Chaim Bryski, Meseches Pesachim – Yossi Lipskier.

Following the siyumim, each bochur was called forward to receive his seforim which totaled well over five thousand dollars.

Of particular note was Mendel Dinnerman, who in addition to attending general studies classes, managed to finish two of the Mesechtas.

Special thanks to the two Shluchim overseeing this successful project, Shaykee Farkash and Mendy Katzman.

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