Trying to do Birchas Hachamma in a Hot Air Balloon

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Rabbi Shea Hecht Chairman of The National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education in Brooklyn and Rabbi Hanoch Hecht of Dutchess County board to attempt take off assisted by workers of Sky Blue Balloons

But the winds were too strong

Rabbi Shea Hecht Chairman of The National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education in Brooklyn recites the Blessing of the Sun along with Rabbi Hanoch Hecht Director of Chabad Dutchess and The Rhineebck Jewish Center and his 21 month son Mendel Hecht

Leah Faye-Norris a student at Bard College and Illanit Rineman of Brooklyn jump into the basket for their chance to try to fly!


  • 1. Proud -cuse fam :) wrote:


  • 3. Mendel wrote:

    this is a waist of money like the Hechts are really good at it

    i think they really have to learn the halacos of what we are allow to do with the money from Tzedaka

  • 4. Where is the HAT wrote:

    Where is the hat and gartel before saying such a special brachah that we have been waiting 28 Years to say??!!

  • 6. Mendel who loves jews. wrote:

    RESPONSE TO 04/12/09 – 01:33 POST
    Stop talking down about other Jews. How do you know they paid for it ? you are just jealous person.

    Beautiful and creative idea.

    Hecht’s Rock…keep up your great work!!!

  • 7. way to go! wrote:

    Hey Mendel, don’t worry you wouldn’t know what tzedaka was if it hit you between the eyes!
    You have no idea where the money for this came from, and in case you have no recollection the Hechts litterally provided for humdreds of Crown Heights families this pesach. SO keep your jealousy to yourself or you might turn green!

  • 10. a neighborhood resident wrote:

    whether the Hechts did good things before or not. This was a big waste of money & was only for the Purpose of showing off & saying here I am I am a big shot. I am different! What happened to the idea of Brov Am Hadras Melech? Was the fact that they chose Butman instead of you insulting? SO much so that SHia needed to show off big time & puff his… even more????

  • 11. Mordy D wrote:

    Reb Shea is an old classmate of mine great to see you! A hot air balloon fits you perfect!

  • 12. For the record wrote:

    They never claimed to take off. It clearly says it was too windy, but they did try, kudos for that! great idea!

  • 13. Whats with the negativity wrote:

    It is so sad that there is so much sinas chman and jealousy in lubavich. Especially about a family that the REbbe spoke about their grandfather like I am sure he did not speak about most of these other commentators. Some people have higher powers on their side, so be careful.
    I wish this great website would not allow itself to be used a vehicle to push Moshiach farther away.


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