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Revelers take photos atop a pile of garbage in Times Square. Photo Credit.

NEW YORK, NY — A million New Year’s revelers trashed Times Square with at least 42 tons of party hats, noisemakers and confetti, which an army of city sanitation workers beautifully swept up yesterday.

Armed with brooms, 16 mechanical sweepers, 13 collection trucks and 14 leaf blowers, 109 of New York’s Strongest took to the streets to do the heavy lifting.

Last year’s New Year’s cleanup cost $37,216 to pick up 42 tons of garbage.

This year, the tonnage and the tab could be heftier, said Sanitation Department spokesman Keith Mellis.

“We may break the record,” he said, adding that the final count could be released as early as today.

Also, the department will begin its annual Christmas tree curbside collection and recycling program tomorrow. It runs through Jan. 16.


  • 2. To bochur: wrote:

    There might be garbage cans, but in a crowded Times Square, unless there’s one per every 2 square feet, it aint being used.


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