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Cow Runs Loose in Prospect Park

Police wrangled a cow on the loose in Prospect Park today, Tuesday, after the animal became a spectacle for tourists and New Yorkers alike when it was spotted roaming the streets and enjoying the park facilities.

From Reuters:

The bemused bovine and camera-wielding humans stared at each other through a chain-link fence for several minutes, according to live news video.

At other times the beast wandered curiously around the 526-acre (212-acre) Prospect Park, the largest in the borough of Brooklyn, and the artificial turf field normally used for human sporting events.

Officers used soccer goals to fence the animal in on a baseball diamond, but the cow barreled through one of the nets, knocking down a police officer.

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  • 1. Georgia Jewish Proud wrote:

    Since I have lived in Georgia I have learned to identify the gender of animals that I never encountered while living in Brooklyn. That bovine is not a “cow” (female bovine,) but is in fact a” bull” (male bovine.) He may, in fact, be a “steer,” but that would require closer inspection than a photo will permit. Poor creature ! Captured while enjoying himself. Prospect Park, to the best of my memory, is beautiful. I miss Brooklyn so very,very much !!

  • 5. Freedom wrote:

    I’ve heard it said that cows/bulls like this that escape from the slaughterhouse are “pardoned” and go to a preserve to live out their years, rather than be slaughtered.


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