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NYC Subways Now Have Wi-Fi and Cellular Service

Cellphone and Wi-Fi coverage is now being provided for commuters at each of New York City’s many underground subway stations, one year ahead of schedule.

All four major cellular service carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, now have coverage in the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) underground stations, one year ahead of schedule. Wi-Fi had originally been scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.

MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas F. Prendergast said, “Connectivity is a big deal for our customers, and we’re thrilled to be delivering these vital services so far ahead of schedule.

Transit Wireless, a private firm, invested more than $300 million in the project, which comes at no cost to commuters and taxpayers.


  • 1. No cost?? wrote:

    Ha, they really expect us to believe that? It’s all rolled up into the fare hikes we’ve had and will continue to see. 😫

    Ok. So now that we can all blab instead of using the time for learning or davenning, pls keep in mind … you really don’t have to YELL INTO the phone, ‘cos we now have Wi-Fi.
    Please whisper. It’s the mentchlich thing to do (assuming you have an urgent matter that can’t wait). It’s a shared indoor space, and no one really cares who much you saved or we overcharged bla bla bla.
    Thanks in advance for being considerate.

    • 2. I SECOND THAT!!! wrote:

      As much as I don’t love public transit, I used that time as quiet time and time to unwind before the hectic pace at home. I hope that the peaceful silence won’t be drowned out by everyone yapping on their cell phones cuz they have nothing else to do!!!:(((


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