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NYC Speed Limit to Be Reduced to 25 MPH

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Saturday to lower New York City’s speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph, saying slowing down will cut down on pedestrian and motorist deaths. The new limit is expected to go into effect in three months, once the city approves its own law formalizing it.

From VIN News/AP:

Cuomo was flanked by two traffic signs that read “Speed Limit 25.”

“New Yorkers are fast, New Yorkers like to do things fast, everything is time, everything is pressure, but this says slow down and save a life,” the governor told an audience at Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Convention Center that included families who have lost loved ones in traffic accidents. “New York has a crisis when it comes to pedestrian deaths.”

Last year, the city had 176 pedestrian deaths. Cuomo called that a frightening statistic and said a speed reduction of even 5 mph cuts in half the likelihood of being killed.

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  • 3. Really?! wrote:

    Lowering speed stops speeders, almost like strict gun laws stopped shootings in this wonderful city?
    Dream on and enjoy the traffic.
    I plan to emigrate like so many are being encouraged to do.

  • 5. Even 30 mph was to low wrote:

    You gotta crawl on Eastern Parkway if you dont want a ticket. Be very careful.

  • 6. Horse & Buggys are safer wrote:

    Horse & Buggys are safer since it goes much slower, it can save more lives. lets get rid of the cars. oh, I forgot that is cruelty to animals, let’s just walk, it’s healthy & the safest mode of transporation. Electricity causes polution, lets stop generating it. Cars were created to help humans get places faster, NYC seems to be doing everything they can to make sure Car owners have a miserable time. Why can’t traffic lights on many city streets like Empire Boulevard be synced with each other. Because when their not synced drivers will get more frustrated & maybe switch to walking or public transport. or if they get frustrated enough they can generate revenue for the city with tickets. If you think like a liberal democrat, we will end up moving the clock back 1000 years.

  • 7. declasse' intellectual wrote:

    #4 Even better ban cars. Now you have more police watching speeder then doing other things needed to protect the public!

  • 9. Yossel wrote:

    And the SUVs and black-tinted sports cars still fly down Eastern Parkway at 30, 40, 50, and 60 mph. Just try to drive the speed limit and watch the drivers behind you honk and swerve around you…


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