• 1. Pinny wrote:

    they have cops on the bridge 24 hours and nobody saw anything? just shows you how safe our city really is! no wonder they keep saying see something say something the govt obviously cant do their job

    • 2. Hoaaa! wrote:

      right on, not to mention the shootout on shabbos, its America the police got the guy…… with alll those cops were are told only they can keep us safe… what a crock!

  • 8. declasse' intellectual wrote:

    If there was supposed to be security in the area–we are in trouble in case of a real emergency

  • 10. History? wrote:

    Traditionally a white flag is a sign of neutrality and non – hostile feelings. It’s historically been used to show “don’t shoot, I’m unarmed. ” This act could symbolize anything, like how America should remain neutral and not take sides in the war in Israel or something similar.


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