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USPS Considers 34 Post Office Closures in City

The United States Postal Service announced Tuesday it is mulling the closure of thousands of post offices nationwide, including dozens here in the city.

Officials say that they are conducting studies of 3,700 offices across the nation to determine if they are needed by customers.

This, as the agency grapples with a growing deficit.

A total of 34 offices across the five boroughs are on the list.

The Bronx has the most in jeopardy with 17, followed by Manhattan with six, then Brooklyn and Queens with five each and Staten Island with just one.

The Postal Service is also considering other cost-cutting measures including eliminating Saturday delivery.

The post office is losing billions of dollars as more people use the Internet to communicate.

To view the full list of possible closures in New York, visit the USPS website.


  • 1. old timer wrote:

    they should close the offices with the abusive workers first!

  • 2. PLEASE CLOSE 11213 wrote:

    If our post office isn’t the worst in the country it’s pretty high up there!

  • 5. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    They should close the Empire Blvd.Station. As you stand waiting to be served you wonder if they are open at all. And the St. Marks office is only slightly better.

    Thanks for Shopping Arlans.

  • 6. From the civilized class wrote:

    Even if you opened up a hundred more locations the lines will still reach around the block, and the clerk behind the window would still need their lunch break, and you would still loose your turn should you stepped out of line. I have long stayed away from these government employment offices so there is no reason they should stay open. Save our tax dollars for better stuff

  • 7. They R. wrote:

    The five post offices are:

    + Restoration Plaza (1360 Fulton St.), in Bedford Stuyvestant
    + Municipal Finance (210 Joralemon St.), in Downtown Brooklyn
    + Sunset (6102 Fifth Ave.), in Sunset Park
    + Ovington (6803 Fourth Ave.), on Bay Ridge’s northern border
    + Brighton Finance (3157 Coney Island Ave.), in Brighton Beach


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