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Brace for Above 100 Heat Wave Tomorrow


If you thought today was hot, wait ‘till tomorrow.

With temperatures soaring to 91 degrees this afternoon in Central Park, the mercury is expected to zoom up to 93 degrees tomorrow. reports that the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for tomorrow.

The city plans to open cooling stations so that New Yorkers can beat the heat.

The heat index is expected to reach 101.

The humidity is expected to drop on Wednesday, with highs reaching the upper 80s. Both Thursday and Friday will see cooling temperatures, with 83 degrees expected on both days.

This comes as record-breaking heat is sweeping the US, according to forecasters.

Temperatures rose above 100 degrees this past weekend across Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, according to the National Weather Service.

Heat advisories were posted for those states and Ohio this afternoon as officials warned that residents should limit the time they spend outside.


  • 1. heat :( wrote:

    firstly i went shopping in couple of stores today in cronwheights and NONE of them had air condidtioner!!!!

    second whats the weather in washington d.c. this week???

  • 2. cooler in miami wrote:

    c’mon down to Miami, it’s 10 degrees cooler than in NY!

  • 5. to #3 wrote:

    Em, yuh, let’s all go on down and get drunk at the wine store because it has A/C

  • 6. Hahah wrote:

    Man up all you Americans in Aussie land we get temperatures of 115 deegrees for extended periods of time

  • 8. Blessings... wrote:

    They said that today (Tuesday) was supposed to be really hot and a heat wave and over 100 but it was pretty good today! Not as bad as i thought… So, count your blessings!!!


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