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NYC Air Quality Alert Issued for Hot, Muggy Weather


As hot, muggy weather coupled with air pollution blankets eastern New York, state health and environmental officials are urging people with asthma and other respiratory troubles to limit strenuous outdoor activity.

The Health Department and Department of Environmental Conservation issued an air quality health advisory for the New York Metro region and Hudson Valley for Wednesday from 11 a.m. through 11 p.m.

Officials issue such advisories when meteorologists predict levels of pollution, either ozone or fine particulate matter, are expected to exceed an Air Quality Index value of 100. The pollutant of concern now is ground-level ozone, which builds up when summer heat combines with automobile exhaust and out-of-state emission sources.

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  • 1. DaasTorah wrote:

    If you stop driving your huge SUVs that waste tons of gas and pollute like mad then you’ll do the air quality a huge service.


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