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Bloomberg Will Not Run Again for Mayor – or Anything Else

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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday he will not run for president or seek a fourth term at the helm of the US’s most populous city.

“Independents don’t run well in presidential elections,” said Bloomberg. “For me, the answer is no.”

Although first elected mayor of New York City in 2001 as a Republican, Bloomberg later changed his registration to independent. Bloomberg was elected to a third four-year term as an independent in 2009.

“You’ve got to be sorry for the president down in Washington,” Bloomberg told reporters on the sidelines of an environmental conference in Brazil’s biggest city of Sao Paulo. “Everything he does has to be passed by Congress. As mayor of New York, I administer the city’s agencies. It’s a perfect job for me because of my business background.”

Bloomberg said he would not run for a fourth term as mayor in 2013. “For one thing, the public wouldn’t stand for it,” he said. “For another, I’m getting too old.”

He said he ran for a third term in 2009 “because I knew there might be some fiscal problems coming up and I thought I could help solve them, so I ran. It was the right thing.”

Bloomberg said New York’s public accounts were “in good order” following a period of cost reductions while improving efficiencies of city services. “During my time in office, operating costs for city services, except education, rose 27 percent against 33 percent inflation,” he said. “We’re doing more with less.”

He said education costs rose 105 percent during the same period “because of the need to invest seriously in education.”

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  • 4. Bill Thompson wrote:

    we saved by the Bloomberg & even his money will not help him ..he is beat

  • 6. bsd wrote:

    He isn’t a great mayor, but I think being Mayor of NYC would do that to anyone, and especially in these times…..

  • 7. What? wrote:

    Goes to show just how ignorant the commentators here are. New York City has been giving away more free benefits than any other city in the world – and for no good reason.

    It has now come a time when the city simply cannot afford to give away these freebies any longer. The city can’t afford to pay for your child’s day care, or for free subway rides for public school students.

    Unlike Obama, this guy has an intelligent business mind, and understands that given the situation, the first thing that needs to be done is to CUT DOWN free programs.

    All these spoiled New Yorker’s, whom for years have been receiving free benefits, are all angry at Bloomberg for stopping this insane spending.

  • 8. to #4 wrote:

    i dont wish this on anyone but, if there will come a day that you will be on the receiving end rather on the giving end you just might realize what other people are going thru. and yes i did think before i wrote this because its impossible for someone like that to write something like comment #4.

  • 11. 4 for shur wrote:

    thats right american communism has brought wanna be americans from all over the world and disenfranchised born in the usa americans

  • 12. shrugs wrote:

    I actually don’t think that #4 is wrong.
    we are living in hard fiscal times and that is reflected across the have to some fiscal commonsense might not have been the decisions you would have made being mayor , but then where would have you cut? the money just isnt there you cant please everyone.

  • 14. Richard S. wrote:

    Wow, it’s amazing how ignorant and unfair people are to Mayor Bloomberg. I think Mayor Bloomberg has done an outstanding job. I don’t agree with everything he has done, but overall – two big thumbs up. He also did his job without any pay except for the $1 a year.

    I wish Mayor Bloomberg could be our mayor for many more years to come. He is a GREAT MAN and good human being in my opinion.


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