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Boruch Dayan HoEmes – HaBochur Yisroel Noach Tzfasman OBM

It is with great sadness and pain we inform you of the tragic and very untimely passing of HaBochur HaTomim Yisroel Noach OBM ben Chaim Ezra Yibadel L’Chaim Tovim Tzfasman who was struck and killed L”A by a train this afternoon. He was 24 years old.

He is survived by his parents Reb Chaim Ezra and Dina Perla along with his brothers and sisters Yibadu L’Chaim Tovim.

The Levaya will take place Tomorrow, Wednesday and will be leaving from the Shomrei Hadaas Chapel at around 1:00pm and will be passing by 770 at around 1:30pm

Hamokom Yenachem eschem Besoch Shaar Avaylay Tzion VeYerushalayim!


  • 1. annonomous wrote:

    Yisroel ,
    we have lost one of the purest individuals on this planet,
    may your purity and kindness be a blessing for us all,
    I will dearly miss you, I wish I would have been able to say good bye….

  • 2. fed up!!! wrote:

    this news makes me cry! no words`…yisroel, go and beg hashem and keep on beging him to send moshiach NOW enough of this, how much can his children handle?? we are your children and you are our father, do something!!!!!!!!!!we cant anymore!enough is enough!!!!!
    wishing the family the tremendous amount of strength they will need to deal with this terrible tragedy! mashiach now!!

  • 3. BACHURE F/ O , T, 73----------75 wrote:

    no wonder y we say hamkom yenchem ….
    only hashem can repair those broken hearts of chaim ezra and his wife, we can only cry with them in pain , of a lost jewish soul ,and brother, enough tzoras, 4 our shcunah and chabad in the world, to to klla yisrol. moshiac now

  • 4. morre lyons jewelers wrote:

    chaim,dina andfamily, we here at morre lyons extend to you our deepest sympathy on the tragic passing of your beloved son. no words can tell you the sadness we feel for you and all those who knew your son,
    may strength peace and the memories stay in your hearts always the staff of morre lyons, clifton,nj


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