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More trouble at the Mobil gas station

This in from the Inbox.

I read the article posted on this site a while ago about the mobile gas station on Empire Blvd. well, I guess I should have listened to that article. On Wednesday afternoon last week (Erev Yom Kippur) at 2:30pm I went to get gas at the mobile gas station on Empire Blvd. corner of New York Ave. and filled up gas.

I gave the guy my credit card, he walked into the little room over there holding my card in his hand. Then he comes out, gives me the receipt to sign and after I sign it he begins to walk away. I yell out to him “hey, my credit card?” He says “I gave it to you man”. I said back to him “no you didn’t” and I had a friend in the car and he reassured me im not losing my mind and the guy did not come back with my card.

So after a few minutes of searching pockets, and inside the car and inside the gas station I gave up and I just canceled the card right away. I am not going back there anymore, and neither should you.