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Baruch Dayan Hoemes – Toby Eagle OBM

With great sadness and pain we inform you of the extremely untimely passing of a young woman, Toby Eagle OBM of Baltimore, MD at the young age of 20.

Toby passed away following a horrible car crash early Friday morning when the car she was a passenger in flipped over while on their way to a Shliach for Shabbos.

Toby is survived by her parents Zalman Dovid and Yehudis Eagle along with her brothers and sisters.

The Levaya will be take place on Sunday, 4:00pm at the Hebrew Orthodox Memorial Cemetery located at 6820 German Hill Road, Baltimore, MD 21222.

Baruch Dayan Hoemes

To read the original report along with all the comments from family members, relatives and friends, Click Here.


  • 1. Moshiach Now wrote:

    To the Eagle Family,
    I did not know Toby, but the tears flowed freely as I thought of the pain and sadness that erupted in your lives on Friday. Shliach Mitzvah Eino Nizokin, but we can not question the ways of Hashem. May Toby be a melitzah yosher for you and all of us, and may she storm Shaarei Shomayim for a refuah shleimah kroiva for Meital.

    I definitely agree with everyone who is posting that seatbelts are so important, and begging us who dont wear them to change our small minded ways. But as one with Emunah and Bitochon, I feel like we have to remember that last year as these girls davened Rosh Hashana they said the same things we do,, Unesaneh tokef,,,,, MI YICHYEH UMI YOMUS. It was sealed long before it happened. My fellow Yidden, we only have a few weeks before we stand to say the same words that took her life, we need to do teshuvah, in their zechus may we all merit a beautiful and prosperous year, with Moshiach coming to reunite us with the precious Neshama that Toby was.

  • 4. Tzivi wrote:

    Does anyone know if the Eagle family used to live in Delaware? If so, I spent a Shabbos with the Eagle’s many many years ago, when I was a counselor in CGI of Delaware, and what a special Shabbos it was. They really were a wonderful, vivacious familiy, non judgemental, and I thought I remember the name Toby somewhere. One night they took us counselors out to eat, and I got a photo of the whole family, so I just compared the photo form 1996, and one of the little girls in there looks like the photo of Toby which you posted.
    It must be the same family, Toby grew to be so beautiful, and I remember having the most wonderful time with one of the only other frum lubavitch families in delaware then, aside frOm the Shluchim.All the children were so loving and giving, offering to show us their rooms, and all their toys, thier parents did something right to raise them!! To the special familiy, may Hashem comfort you, and may we all have to wait no longer to see Toby and all our loved ones again.

  • 5. Yitzchak S. wrote:

    Does anyone know if the Eagle family used to live in Delaware?
    Yes. That was definitely them; Zalman and I used to daven together in Manhattan and then they ended up in Delaware before settling in Baltimore. I am still in shock as I remember the simcha when Toby was born – she was the first or second birth in our then very tiny and close Chabad House community in Manhattan.

  • 6. Shlomo and Rivka Kugel wrote:

    Dear Zalman Dovid and Yehudis,
    Our hearts are filled with pain.
    May Hashem give you the strength to go on.
    Love, Shlomo and Rivka Kugel

  • 8. esther wrote:

    I did not know this beautiful young girl but seeing her face makes the tragedy beyond comprehension. I think all of B.Y. are in terrible pain over this unimaginable horror….deep condolences to the family and may H’ be there with them as the Heavens must be crying too……

  • 9. Friends of Toby wrote:

    Boruch Dayan HaEmes.
    Hamokom Yinachem Eschem B’soch Sha’ar Aveilei Tziyon V’Yirushalayim.

    To Toby’s Parents, Siblings, Family and Friends,

    Toby was truly beautiful in every way. Her ready smile and open, giving heart were a blessing to all who new her. The Aibershter has reclaimed an invaluable gift. May she be a meilitz yosher for all of Klal Yisroel, storming the heavens to demand the coming of Moshiach Now!

    As Toby’s friends we have taken on hachlatos in Ahavas Yisrael, something that Toby was a true dugma for, l’ilui nishmasa.

    May we be re-united with our dear friend very soon with the coming of Moshiach!

    We miss you Toby!

  • 10. freidy yanover wrote:

    Dearest Yehudis,
    There are no words with which I can give comfort. I am with you in your pain; may Hashem fulfill his promise to us and treat us as a loving father does his children, and bring your Toby back to you. May you once again have Nachas from her with the immediate coming of Moshiach and the advent of heikitzu viraninu shochnei afar, vehi besochom.
    Freidy (wineberg)Yanover
    JHB, South Africa

  • 11. a member of the community wrote:

    To the Eagle Family,
    I did not know Toby, but after seeing the picture and reading all the comments my tears flowed freely as I thought of the pain and sadness that erupted in your lives on Friday.
    as to what i have heard about Toby being the holy, smiling, giving, happy, friend, sister, angel, mentor, special person that she was just shines, as they say unfortunately its the good people that die young and we see from all the comments how good and special she was.

    Toby we know you are looking down on us, your friends, brothers, sisters all those you have helped and the general Jewish community. Go over to Hashem and beg him that through everything you have done for us through your life has led to everyone doing things in your memory and we, your friends, brothers, sisters all those you have helped and the general Jewish community have taken on hachlotos to do things in your memory. JUST SEND MOSHIACH so we don’t have to suffer anymore.

    AD MOSAI, Toby we (the community) need you back to make more peace, more people happy, to give more people advice, to give your friends one last hug, to laugh with you, to play music with you, to be with you.

    please, please, show Hashem how much we need you, how much good you do for us.

    and bring Moshiach with you

    a member of the community

  • 12. Yeshiva Gedolah Sydney wrote:

    to the eagle family, please accept our condolences from the Yeshiva Gedolah of Sydney. Zev stay strong, and remember, Yerida Letzorach Aliyah

  • 13. Maimon K. wrote:

    Zalman and family:

    Hamakom Yinachem Eschem B’toch Sh’ar Avlei Tsion Beyerushalayim. May the Aibishter bring her back taikef u’miyad.

    Maimon K.

  • 14. Shmuel Hershkowitz wrote:

    To Dovid and Yehudis,
    I found out this tragic news today. I am so deeply sad and my heart is filled with pain. I wish I had some words of comfort. I was blessed to know your precious Toby.
    – Shmuel Hershkowitz

  • 15. RBCA wrote:

    Dena, we’re with you!! If you ever need anything you know you can turn to any one of us for help!!!

    We love you and we are praying for you!!!!!!!

    Moshiach Now!!!!

  • 16. Friend of Toby-s wrote:

    I was dorm mates with Toby in Chicago. I will never forget how the first night we all arrived, and were so nervous, but Toby just took out her violin and started playing beautiful songs. She was a beautiful girl and was always smiling and helpful.
    Boruch Dayan Haemes

  • 17. chaya klein wrote:

    To the Eagle family.
    May moshiach come so we can both see our daughters again.
    and end this painful time we both are going through. we are so sorry for your loss. we understand. our daughter was 26 years old when she died.
    Moshiach now!!
    Chaya and Menahcm Klein
    crown hights

  • 18. Rivkie Brownstein wrote:

    i was tobys counselor in Teen camp. She was one of the sweetest Most giving person ive met. She was always helping anyone in need, and I have never seen toby without a big smile on her beautiful face. There is so much to learn from Toby, and I hope moshaich comes soon, so that we can end all this pain!!!!!

  • 19. shoshana Chen (Hershkowitz) wrote:

    Dear Dovid, Yehudis and the eagle family

    HaMakom yenachem et’chem b’toch shar avay’lay Tzion v’Yerushalayim.
    May the Omnipresent comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
    Baruch Dayan Hoemes


    to whoever doesn’t know toby, it’s a fact that she’s gone, a tragedy. for thosre who know her, knew her, lived through her joy and love and appreciatoin of people and life and hashem- people like her good friends, just seeing the title every time causes usto burst into tears just looking at it. its not real. toby was in chicago with us, she was in winter camp with us just this year, and she was so excited to go to north carolina for the summer. no!! she is still with us!! i cannot read the tyitle without tears. it is too much. its not real. it can’t be we miss you toby where are you we love you its not fair we miss you so much we can’t stop crying please cme back moshach anything just come back to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 21. Leah wrote:

    To the entire Eagle family, please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of Toby. Last week Ora was telling me what a special young lady she was; how incredible your family is. I hope you will all find the strength you will need in the days ahead. I hope you will find comfort in the beautiful memories your daughter has left behind. I hope Hashem will send the geulah very quickly, and bring us back our loved ones.


    Please join Monday at 12 p.m. NY time for a Global ‘Ad Mosai?!?’ Please stop what you’re doing, and with your family, campers, collegues etc. demand, together with the rest of the world,“Ad Mosai!” three times, and beg Hashem for Moshiach Now!

  • 23. Chana g wrote:

    A beautiful angel has spread her wings and flown from this world
    Taken lovingly with G-d’s hands to a very special, wonderful place
    As this Beautiful angel sees the peacefulness, holiness, and beauty of The higher world,
    A peaceful smile must’ve appeared on her face

    The angels rejoiced at the light that has entered the heavens
    While we cried from below
    A darkness has entered our world
    And we felt the harsh, frightening winds blow

    We feel an absence of a certain light and love
    that our angelic friend has had surrounding her here
    The light that she had brought to others
    Has gone and our hearts feel bare

    I’ve not heard this angel say a negative word
    about anyone or any living thing
    Every time she’d play her heavenly music
    our hearts would all dance and sing

    This gentle girl has always cared
    for every living being
    There were many wonderful memories that with her were shared
    happiness and joy she has created

    She must be crying up above for us
    for we are in a dark, miserable space
    Where although there is lots of happiness here
    There is also pain and sorrow in its place

    She is not at all in pain
    secrets of Torah of Chassidis she must be learning
    The lovely music sung by our nation she does hear
    And with the angels she must be dancing

    She is watching over us now, (and her spirit is still here with us)
    We need her to beg the Creator on our behalf
    That we be liberated from our sorrow
    that we finally be redeemed at last

  • 24. Yanky and Simi Feinzeig wrote:

    We knew the Eagle family back when they lived in Brooklyn (Yanky and Dovid had been in the same lawfirm)… Then Toby was just a sweet little baby… Over the years we lost contact…only to be reunited by hearing this surreal bsurah… May Toby be a melitzah yeshorah for the wonderful family and for all of klall yisroel!! We wish the Eagle family with all our hearts: Hamokom yenachem eschem b’soch sh’ar aveilei tzion v’yerushalayim!

  • 25. Brian Sokol wrote:

    I have known Toby’s mother’s family my whole life and remember Toby when she was just a little girl. When I was first becoming shomer shabbos, I stayed at the Eagle’s for Shabbat and Chagim in Brooklyn many times. Even as a young girl of 6 or 7, Toby would engage the adults and her younger siblings with great interest and care. When all the other children went to sleep, she would stay awake for many more hours at the Shabbat table, not wanting to miss a moment of waking life. While I haven’t seen her for many years, I can tell from everyone’s notes that she held fast to this love of life until the very end.

    May the entire Eagle and Jacobs extended family find comfort, strength and courage after this terrible loss.

    and the Sokol family

  • 26. Boruch ben Tzvi (A H) haKohaine Hoffinge wrote:

    Sick at heart and with great pain, a father of 6 (BA’H) I state to the Eagle family: Hamokom Yinachem Eschem B’soch Sha’ar Aveilei Tziyon V’Yirushalayim
    My daughters were very friendly with Haboosha and I know the father personally. (Meital Haboosha was in same vehicle and survived along with Goldstein, also of Crown Heights)
    He davens in Frankel’s shul and we learn together. He had just left NY a few days before and traveled out west for a business trip.
    Another tragedy, Israel Woonteiler (Who is doing much better B”H). The father, Ruevain Woonteiler, used to live in my building and I know his children. This horrible accident was similar to the one a few months ago: Gedalia Schaeffer (Spelling?). He was also struck by a drunk driver in Los Angeles.
    When will the nations of the world learn they need tough laws against drunk driving? The laws must be commensurate with our love. No love no laws.
    I just heard they are operating on M. Haboosha. Her first name was changed to ‘Oora.”
    Re: but we can not question the ways of Hashem.
    Too early for this comment? Don’t want to sound cold or insensitive, but, we should have meetings, something, to alert people to the dangers of long-distance driving! The driver fell asleep, as I was told.
    Was the driver spoken to beforehand? Did the passengers ‘bug’ the driver:’are you tired, etc?’
    If drivers and passangers are impatient, and don’t want to stop try sucking on ice cubes and drinking ice water, you might get a sore throat but it will make you very alert. I know, I did it.
    I go crazy and nuts when I hear these things. I can’t stomach it when people do such irresponsible things. Sorry!
    We’re Chabadnicks = mind over matter!

  • 27. friend in Baltimore wrote:

    To anyone who is using this time to give advice about driving, please understand, this is the wrong way to go about things. Please dont turn a tragedy into a seatbelt campaign or other hora’ah’s. when an accident happens it’s not necessarily because they were not doing all of those precautionary things.
    do not either assume seatbelts were not worn. I just found out that toby had been wearing a seatbelt. jumping to conclusions in order to understand or explain a tragedy is the wrong thing to do. in a tragedy there is enough pain without all the pointing fingers.
    thank you.

  • 28. Chana wrote:

    David and Yehudis and family
    Hamokam Yinachem Eschem B’soch Sha’ar Aveili Tziyon V’Yirushalayim,
    Knowing you for the last 12 years has been a real blessing.Your entire family are loving, penimius people.Your pain has touched me and our community deeply.Rather than pointing the finger outwards,I have been pointing inwards.I am trying to take what I have learned from Toby(o’h)her beautiful smile,her penimius and her pleasantness,and incorporate these middos in my life.
    Many years ago at another shiva house(also from a car accident) I heard the following story:When Hashem created the malachim He gathered them together to give out jobs.He got volunteers for everything until it came to the Malach Hamaves.Hashem called on the malach and said this job is for you.The malach protested saying that all the others got jobs that people would give praise to for them.With this job everybody would hate him.Hashem asked,“is this what you are worried about”. Don’t worry-I know people.They will never know it was you ,nor blame you.People will say it was the hearattack,the disease,the accident,the seat-belt,etc.With that,the malach agreed to take the job.

  • 29. i dont know toby....but it still hurts wrote:

    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem B’Scoch Sha’ar availai Tzion V’yerushalayim..AD MOSAI!!

  • 30. Jenna Colagiacomi wrote:

    Toby was a really good friend. She was so nice, and everyone here at the school of medicine liked her. I’m going to miss her. Condolences to the Eagle Family.

  • 31. toby`s friend wrote:

    i was just informed that Toby was wearing aseatbelt, so please people dont talk about seatbelt safety here,its not the place . Thank You

  • 32. Reuben Hoch wrote:

    Dear Ephraim
    It’s Roni from boca I’m really sorry about what happened to Toby, and I wish I could come to your house with my parents on wednesday. I hope this note makes you feel better, love, Roni

  • 33. Dovid Kaleky wrote:

    Dear Zalman,Yehudis and family-

    I am deeply saddened and shocked by your tragic loss.

    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem B’Scoch Sha’ar availai Tzion V’yerushalayim

  • 34. Miriam wrote:

    David, Yehudis, and Family-
    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem B’Scoch Sha’ar availai Tzion V’yerushalayim.

    Within a year I had few opportunities to see Toby, but those moments are precious and fresh in my mind. What a light she carried for us all. Her kindness, luminous smile, creative, and intelligent mind. I feel thankful to have known her, even for just a short time. I feel blessed. Thank You Toby for being a gift to us all. Your smile will remain in many of our hearts and minds as we derive joy from Torah and mitzvot.

  • 35. Elias wrote:

    wow, how sad she was my teacher in Hebrew school i cant believe this happened, it’ll definitely miss her


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