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Chabad Schools Worldwide: Now Is The Time To Join!

At the headquarters of the International Tanya Campaign for Children in Israel and the United States preparations for the academic school year 2007-2008 are accelerating.

At this time of year the schools are focusing on preparing the curriculum for the new semester and it has been reported that there is a major interest for students to participate in the Tanya program.

The Tanya is a ketores against all spiritual epidemics before Moshiach we were taught by our Rabbeim, and therefore this unprecedented project where Chabad and non-Chabad children are learning Tanya in the schools as part of the formal curriculum, is expanding.

Boys and girls in Israel, the United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia, Venezuela, Brazil and Thailand are enthusiastically immersing themselves in the learning of Tanya and provide themselves with this precious spiritual immunity.

The learning in the classes are done with special curriculum books that were published in Hebrew, English and French and are especially designed to hold the interest of the young mind.

“There is an international consensus between Principals and Teachers that now-a-days we should not wait too long to start teaching Tanya to children, but rather to begin at the earliest possible ages of 10 or 11 in order to provide them with a segula, the immunization versus the tough spiritual challenges we face in these times” says Rabbi Eliezer Mishulovin, Director of the Tanya Campaign in the United States.

To enroll your school or your home-schooled child in the Tanya program, call today our New York Office at 212-943-9690 ext. 209 or E:mail at or call Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Nisselevich, at our Israel headquarters at 972-54-439-5713.

“Together with this project, we can ensure a generation of children who will grow up to be fine, Erleche Chassidim and will give the Rebbe much Nachas”

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