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I would like to apologize to Shmuly Chein and his family, for the recent Mazal Tov posted. The Mazal Tov was maliciously submitted to us and was posted in error.

In light of this disgusting incident we will implement more stringent and thorough Mazal Tov verifications, which will delay our publishing of Mazal Tovs in the future.

Again our apologies to Shmuly and his family.


  • 1. CH.INFO SUPORTER wrote:

    Well alteaset you guys are coming up front about it… Kol Hakovod

  • 2. nobody wrote:

    its not about getting it up first its about getting the RIGHT STORY!!! shame on crownheights!!!!

  • 4. Anon wrote:

    Oish, please… unless youre personally involved, lay off…
    and if you are personally involved – TAKE IT OFF THE AIR!

    Kol hakovod to CH.I for the apology

  • 6. Itzhak Schier wrote:

    Listen, it happens. Besides running my 2 professional sites, I am a volunteer moderator on an online group where a sick prank has been going on for over 2 years now and last week I inadvertently let a crank message through myself.

    CHInfo did the right thing and apologized for an honest error on their part. The only one who has to be ashamed is the idiot who sent the misinformation in the first place.

    If the culprit is indeed found, I think he should be given plastic scissors and about fifty yards of green felt. Then, he can sit in the new mikveh dressing room until Purim and make Purim decorations for playgroup kids. After Purim is over, maybe he can get himself a life!

  • 7. a reader wrote:

    This shouuld be the worst news you have to report. The family should have a lot of simchas.

  • 9. Eliezer wrote:

    hey webby:
    maybe you can post the guy who sent it to you’s email address, and let him get his just reward! LOL

  • 11. hi wrote:

    i dont think anyone should blame he works really hard to get us info .
    is it wrong of him to beleive someone from crownheights ???
    go webby your doing a gr8 job

  • 12. A friend wrote:

    Pranks are no joke, no one every truly knows the damage it does, as for the family only simchas true and Shmuly lots of Mazel.
    To the individual who got a kick out of this, god be with you because you seriously need help!
    CHinfo, you came thru on the apology and yes work on getting the facts straight, that is what truly matters,

  • 13. crownhieghtser wrote:

    lol-ur funny itchak guy!! you should be the supreme court judges-you seem to understand REAL JUSTICE! :):)

  • 14. cut the bs wrote:

    y is evry1 blowing it up big deal its a mistake and over with. and whoever starts writing bs names should be ashamed.

  • 15. anon.... wrote:

    why you posting comments with peeple names on in such a situation its most likely not the person who posted the comment

  • 16. CHer wrote:

    (**)it happens… it happened on Shmais a number of times.. on shmais only excepts mazel tovs from the people them selves… Maybe mazel tovs should only posted once they are verified…

    kudos to Webby for taking the fall instead of just ignoring it…

    Shmuly; it’s a segulah…

  • 17. Hey at least I now he-s available wrote:

    I am looking for a shidduch for a wonderful girl. At least i now know of a great guy who is avail…. It’s not every day that you see an announcement “Yankel Is Single..”

  • 18. Yehudah Laufer wrote:

    Kol Hakavod to CH.I for doing the upstanding thing. It is shameful that people would do such a thing but somewhat gratifying to know that a site like CH.I has the mentshlachkeit to stand up and set the record strait.

  • 20. FltabushFellow wrote:

    You did the right thing Webby – mucho proud of you. Whatever it is, water under the bridge, and I am certain it will bring mazel and lots of naches to the Cheins….soon.

    Question is who do you can, and whom to trust when there is a mazel tov ehh?

  • 21. moe wrote:

    As a great fan of i am a bigger fan now.

    just wondering, how can you be more stringent? maybe ask for the telephone number of the person sending it to you. or if its a family memmber ask that you can call them or who the shadchen is.

    btw i remmber this once happend on shmais some time ago.

  • 23. !!!!!!!! wrote:

    ummm.. mr. schier… rabbi dr or wtvr… y green felt? and ppls! u shud b congradulating ch.i! not repremandsing him! y wud he think ppl wud b so sick to do that? and wud u do soemthing differnet? call random ppl every day to figure out? ye rite! i think u need to think about webby!

  • 24. To: Nobody wrote:

    Shame on you for calling
    such a name. And to Shmuly Chein
    you should only have simchas.
    and for the person who worte
    why post his name, i say its because
    then in shul he will walk around and people will be saying “mazal tov shmuly..”
    And ofcours to itchack that was a funny one!!
    And by the way, should not put the guys email on because he is probaly ashamed of himself.

  • 25. To: Nobody wrote:

    I just forgot one thing,
    its very good that
    made this apology, even when they did
    no do it.

  • 26. MendyW. wrote:

    Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated….’Mark Twain’ zecher tzaddik l’vrocha.

    I say that because 100 years ago twain travelled to israel and wrote very pro jewish articles.

    The prank on the chein family was mean spirited. I hope that god hears about it and brings many simchos to their family.


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